2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Colt McCoy

  • Very athletic
  • Mobile
  • Experienced
  • Short and deep range accuracy
  • Quick release
  • Gets rid of football quickly
  • Makes quick decisions
  • Good pocket awareness
  • Crafty with football in hands
  • Leader with good character

  • Average frame
  • Offensive system exaggerate strengths, masks weaknesses
  • Mobility doesn’t translate to NFL with zone reads and scripted runs
  • Weak arm
  • Aims ball and it doesn’t look natural; passive thrower
  • Absolutely no stick throws (18-yard deep out, curl, dig, etc.)
  • Footwork needs a ton of work
  • Doesn’t take many hits
  • Never operated under center
  • Stares down receivers
  • Floats deep ball
  • Limited upside

    Summary: Colt McCoy is the next overhyped collegiate quarterback who really doesn’t have much of a chance in the NFL. He is a late-round talent, and don’t let ESPN fool you. His talent is pretty mediocre when you consider the things he will have to do in the NFL in terms of the transition to a more West Coast or pro-style spread scheme. He won’t stretch a defense in the NFL and the system makes him look far better than he is at Texas.

    McCoy is a great college quarterback, but simply isn’t an NFL mold. He’s a projected fifth-to-seventh-round prospect. McCoy might develop into a solid backup quarterback at the next level, but he is simply not the prospect ESPN wants you to think he is.

    Player Comparison: Alex Smith. The size, athleticism, overrated mobility, college system and lack of arm strength are all valid comparisons between these two quarterbacks.


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