2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Anthony Davis

  • Good frame with long arms
  • Excellent technician
  • Light on his feet
  • Athletic
  • Shows good instincts
  • Natural knee bender
  • Flexible and fluid
  • Great kick step – good range
  • Extremely productive at times
  • Overwhelming as a run blocker when he wants to be
  • Gets to the second level
  • Comfortable in space
  • Nice hand punch
  • Understands angles
  • Talented with upside
  • Can play left or right tackle

  • Poor work ethic
  • Conditioning is an issue
  • Questionable love for the game
  • Not highly competitive
  • Very inconsistent
  • Lacks physicality
  • Occasionally dominated by inferior competition
  • Boom or bust prospect

    Summary: Davis’ intangibles aren’t as bad as Andre Smith’s, but they’re bad. Davis is a highly overrated prospect, but some team will still draft him in the top 25 picks. In the beginning of the year, his tape was terrible and this turned me off, but once he got in shape toward the middle/end of the season, he was far more productive. Davis will be as good as he wants to be, but ultimately he’s not the type I’d take a chance on. Players with really poor intangibles – especially offensive tackles – don’t often pan out in the NFL. Two sources have told me he performed poorly during the interviews at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine.

    Player Comparison: Jason Peters. Peters is an elite player when he puts in the work, but despite a great skill set, he is a pretty average tackle. Like Davis, conditioning and love of the game is an issue with Peters.


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