2015 NFL Betting Props

These are my 2015 NFL Betting Props. I did well with the props in 2014; I was 5-3 for +$305 with the team wagers, and I went 3-1 for +$285 with the player bets. I usually post this during the preseason, but I’m in Vegas this weekend. Here’s what I’m betting (all numbers are according to the Westgate Sportsbook).

2015 NFL Betting Props: Teams

Baltimore Ravens: Over 9 Wins; Win AFC North +190
The Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if they made the Super Bowl, so I obviously think that they’re going better than 9-7. Actually, barring an injury to Joe Flacco, I’ll be shocked if they finish 8-8 or worse. I’m going to bet one unit on the over nine wins and another unit on them winning the division.

Betting 1 Unit (-140) and 1 Unit (+190)

Chicago Bears: Under 7 Wins
How are the Bears going to win eight games? Their defense can’t stop anyone, their offensive line can’t block, and Jay Cutler just doesn’t care. I’m not crazy about the -150 juice on this, but the under is a pretty safe wager here.

Betting 2 Units (-150)

Cleveland Browns: Under 6.5 Wins
Remember how woeful the Browns were at the end of this past season following a solid start? That’s a sign of things to come, as Cleveland is a mess right now. How is the duo of Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel going to lead the Browns to a 7-9 record, or better?

Betting 2 Units (-165)

Kansas City Chiefs: Under 8.5 Wins
The Chiefs capsized at the end of this past season, and now they won’t have Sean Smith for the first three games. Look at their schedule: at Texans (without Smith), Broncos, Packers, Bengals (away), Bears (sole easy game), Vikings (away), Steelers, Lions, Broncos (away), Chargers (away). How are they going to finish 9-7 when they could easily start 2-8?

Betting 1 Unit (-110)

Minnesota Vikings: Over 7.5 Wins
I have the Vikings making the postseason in my 2015 NFL Playoffs Preview, so I think they’ll definitely get to 8-8 at the very least.

Betting 2 Units (-145)

New York Jets: Under 7.5 Wins
Why do the Jets continue to be overvalued in terms of seasonal over-unders? They lack talent; they downgraded their head coach; and Geno Smith is still the team’s quarterback. I can’t see them hitting 8-8.

Betting 2 Units (+100)

Oakland Raiders: Under 5.5 Wins
Betting on the Raiders’ under is one of my favorite pastimes. It’ll be difficult for them to get six wins, considering that they A) downgraded their offensive coordinator, which means things will be difficult for Derek Carr in his second season; B) their defense isn’t very good; and C) they have no running game.

Betting 1 Unit (-110)

Philadelphia Eagles: Under 9.5 Wins
What do you get when you bring on a bunch of injury-prone players and cut some talented, healthy ones? Most definitely not a 10-6 season. Unless Sam Bradford somehow overcomes his ACL surgery and stays on the field for 16 games, I can imagine the Eagles going any better than 9-7.

Betting 1 Unit (-160)

San Francisco 49ers: Under 7 Wins
My top pick last year was the Jets. This summer, it’s the 49ers under. San Francisco is an abomination right now. Thanks to Jim Harbaugh bolting and numerous players retiring, the 49ers are seriously lacking in talent on their roster. They are one of the five worst teams in the NFL, so 8-8 sounds like a stretch.

Betting 3 Units (-130)

St. Louis Rams: Under 8 Wins
The Rams are the perennial team that gets hyped in the preseason and then fails to live up to expectations. They could finally be good a year from now when Todd Gurley fully recovers, but they seem like a 6-10 or 7-9 squad to me. They’re 8-8 at best, and at that rate, we push.

Betting 1 Unit (-160)

Washington Redskins: Under 6 Wins
Sign me up for any bet against the Redskins this year. Robert Griffin has checked out, Jay Gruden is a poor fit for the team, and the defense is still pathetic. It’ll be stunning if the Redskins get to seven victories.

Betting 2 Units (+110)

2015 NFL Betting Props: Players

I’ll post player props when they are available.

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