NFL Hot Press: Teams See Linebacker Talent into Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft

Rolled Newspaper bearing title: "NFL HOT PRESS"

In the Hot Press last week, shared that team sources said they anticipated a talented wide receiver class for the 2024 NFL Draft. reported in other previous Hot Presses that sources noted that offensive tackle was another strong position for the 2024 NFL Draft and that cornerback could have a good amount of quality second-day prospects. Following up with team sources, they see a significant amount of depth at the linebacker position as well. There are a lot of linebackers who could end up being second- or third-round picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Players who sources suggested as having second-day potential for the 2024 NFL Draft include Notre Dame’s Marist Liufau, North Carolina’s Cedric Gray, Oklahoma’s Danny Stutsman, Clemson’s Barrett Carter, Texas A&M’s Edgerrin Cooper, Ohio State’s Tommy Eichenberg, Georgia’s Jamon Dumas-Johnson and possibly Clemson’s Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Of course, it is still extremely early in the process, so this list could expand or contract due to things like some players utilizing eligibility to return to college for next season rather than enter the 2024 NFL Draft.

From that list of linebackers, it sounded like Liufau might have the best shot at sneaking into the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. He is viewed as having a very unique skill set that includes exceptional speed, strength and athleticism. Team sources said they like how Liufau can play as a traditional linebacker and edge rusher while also being an extremely violent defender.

One NFC director of player personnel said they believe Gray has a shot at sneaking into the first round if he works out well before the 2024 NFL Draft. Gray put together a ton of production in college, but is viewed as having some stiffness. Stutsman also has a lot of fans in the scouting community, and he could be a riser through the process.

While NFL teams do not select a lot of non-pass-rushing linebackers in the first round of drafts, quite a number get selected on Day 2. The 2024 NFL Draft could feature a number of second-day linebackers who teams are planning on becoming starters during their pro careers.