2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic- Grade: C-


  • Joe Inglis
  • Anthony Black
  • Jett Howard


  • Bol Bol

Despite having three solid young building blocks in brothers Mo and Franz Wagner and Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero, the Magic remained a bottom feeder in the Eastern Conference. Cole Anthony hasn’t blossomed into the point guard who Orlando had expected coming out of North Carolina, and the offense paid dearly for that, ranking 26th in the league in both points per game and offensive rating.

While Inglis is not a game-changing addition by any means, he is a valuable asset for controlling the ball in pick-and-roll situations and could help expand the Magic’s scoring game. Black is a big, athletic lead guard who will help their defense and give them a change of pace with the ball in his hands. Howard still has a long way to go before he can be a consistent scorer, but he is a legitimate tough shot maker and should help improve Orlando’s bad three-point shooting from last season, which was 24th in the league. I just don’t see these additions moving the needle much at all for second year coach Jamahl Mosley. The team’s fortunes will rest firmly in the progress made by the Wagners and Banchero.


  • Joe Inglis- Grade: C-


  • None

Magic’s 2023 NBA Draft – Grade: C+

  • No. 6: Anthony Black, G, Arkansas
  • No. 11: Jett Howard, F, Michigan

Like I mentioned, Black is a big and athletic lead guard and someone who very well could push back Cole Anthony’s progress and take over the starting spot. Black didn’t have the shooting numbers from three that you would like for a team that was so bad last season, but his feel for the game and scoring instincts will really be something for Orlando to develop. With his great size for the position, he will also help the Magic’s perimeter defense.

Howard will have to improve his shot selection, but he is a tough shot maker with great versatility and positional size. There is a lot to be desired from him when it comes to the defensive end and his physicality, but the Magic need the scoring ability.

Andre Jackson Jr., who the franchise traded to the Bucks, is someone I would have considered keeping if I were Orlando. He has the potential to turn into a good two-way bench contributor at the guard positions, though his shooting numbers did take a step back last season.