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2023 NBA Free Agency: The top NBA free agent power forwards for 2023. Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of July 7, 2023.
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  1. Draymond Green, PF, Golden State Warriors, PO, 34
    Yes, Green punched a teammate and isn’t the star that he once was, but he can still guard most positions, play multiple positions and is an excellent rebounder and playmaker who could give a team a fiery locker room veteran.

  2. Jerami Grant, PF, Portland Trail Blazers, UFA, 29
    Proving that his fantastic ball in Detroit wasn’t just him stacking points on a poor team, Grant has been fantastic in Portland too. He is scoring more than 20 points on a team with a lot of talented scorers. Given his age, scoring, and ability to be a three or four, Grant could see one of the biggest contracts in free agency.

  3. Christian Wood, PF, Dallas Mavericks, UFA, 27
    Whether starting or as a sixth man, Wood has continued his act as one of the best offensive scoring bigs in the NBA and one of the best shooting bigs. He’s a big piece for Dallas, but will the club pay him?

  4. Kyle Kuzma, PF, Washington Wizards, PO, 27
    Kuzma has quietly become a 20-point scorer and is a very strong shooter. He is the perfect modern power forward and will probably be traded this season. There’s not a NBA team that couldn’t use him.

  5. Cam Johnson, PF, Brooklyn Nets, RFA, 24
    A major addition to the Nets in the Durant trade, Johnson should re-sign with the Nets. He is one of the league’s best shooters and a four who shoots in the 40-percent range will get a lot of money.

  6. Kevin Love, PF, Miami Heat, UFA, 34
    Kevin Love was once one of the NBA’s best players. Now? He’s still pretty solid and is a perfect fit with the Heat. He remains an elite rebounder, but is having a rough season in terms of shooting the ball.

  7. Moritz Wagner, PF, Orlando Magic, UFA, 26
    Wagner is an efficient scorer and talented rebounder who is a very talented third big man.

  8. T.J. Warren, PF, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 29
    Warren’s injuries have been severe, but when he is on the court, he scores the basketball. He has almost no role in Phoenix after having a very strong start in Brooklyn.

  9. P.J. Washington, PF, Charlotte Hornets, RFA, 24
    Washington is a very solid player having arguably his best NBA season, and as a power forward, he can shoot the ball, which doubles his value. Washington is one of the few assets for the Hornets, and they would be wise to keep him as a building block.

  10. Rui Hachimura, PF, Los Angeles Lakers, RFA, 24
    Hachimura quietly had a really nice start of the season for the Wizards, but was traded to the Lakers. As a combo forward, he is an efficient scorer and talented rebounder. If Hachimura had improved his jumper, he would get a lot more on his deal.

  11. Dwight Powell, PF, Dallas Mavericks, UFA, 30
    Powell has been the third big man for the Mavericks since Dirk Nowitzki. His ability to perform as a four and a five, his energy and his hustle as well as being efficient makes him a valuable talent.

  12. Georges Niang, PF, Philadelphia 76ers, UFA, 29
    Niang is a fantastic NBA role player who is one of the best shooting forwards in the league and can play the three or four.

  13. Montrezel Harrell, PF, Philadelphia 76ers, PO, 28
    Harrell is still a fantastic hustle big man, a skill that no longer is a valued talent, as the NBA wants shooters from non-defensive big men. Give him 20 minutes off the bench a game though, and he will thrive.

  14. Jalen McDaniels, PF, Philadelphia 76ers, RFA, 25
    McDaniels is a shooter and scorer who also has a bit of playmaking ability. He started this season playing well for the Charlotte Hornets, and was dealt to Philadelphia, where he has been alright. He would be at least a three-star free agent if he improved from range.

  15. Darius Bazley, PF, Phoenix Suns, RFA, 23
    Bazley is a shooting forward with shot-blocking talent. He was very solid in Oklahoma City, but has not made a big difference in Phoenix.

  16. Torrey Craig, PF, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 32
    Craig is one of if not the best role player on the Suns and is a fantastic shooter. He is one of the only talented role players on Phoenix and has made the most of his team’s lack of bench players.

  17. Trey Lyles, PF, Sacramento Kings, UFA, 27
    If you are a power forward who can shoot the ball, you have value in the NBA. Lyles may only be an average shooter, but adding size with shooting ability is important in today’s league.

  18. Jeff Green, PF, Denver Nuggets, UFA, 36
    Remember when Jeff Green was drafted fifth to the SuperSonics? He was paired with Kevin Durant in the draft to be the foundation of the franchise. He’s no Durant, but he has had a really nice career and plays a big role for Denver, which is arguably the best team in the West.

  19. Danilo Gallinari, PF, Boston Celtics, PO, 34
    The Italian forward is aging and recovering from a torn ACL and would probably have a third star if healthy, as he’s a strong shooter and scorer. Gallinari would be smart to take his option, as he would likely receive the minimum coming off an injury.

  20. Otto Porter Jr., Toronto Raptors, PF, UFA, 30
    Porter is a forward who can shoot, score and be a playmaker for his team, but he hasn’t played a role this season.

  21. JayMachal Green, PF, Golden State Warriors, UFA, 33
    Green has been a productive role player for a Warriors team that has really needed some. The forward scores efficiently and rebounds the ball quite nicely.

  22. JaVonte Green, PF, Chicago Bulls, PO, 30
    Green is an excellent hustle guy who gives so much energy when on the court and is a ridiculous athlete and hard worker. He is small and lacks offensive talent, which hurts his rating, but is a strong role player.

  23. Dario Saric, PF, Phoenix Suns, UFA, 28
    Saric is almost 7 foot and can shoot threes, which earns him two stars and an NBA deal. He was once a big-time draft pick, but is a talented role guy.

  24. Drew Eubanks, PF, Portland Trail Blazers, UFA, 26
    Eubanks is a productive second-unit big man who is an efficient scorer, can shoot a bit, and rebounds and blocks shots well.

  25. Wenyen Gabriel, PF, Los Angeles Lakers, UFA, 26
    Gabriel is a talented young big man who is a solid shooter and scorer.

  26. Juan Hernangomez, PF, Toronto Raptors, UFA, 27
    Hernangomez has been a decent role player in the NBA, and he has some nice offensive talent. He has a role for the playoff-contending Raptors.

  27. Markieff Morris, PF, Dallas Mavericks, UFA, 33
    Morris is a physical forward who has been a fantastic role player for a very long time, but he is not in the Dallas rotation.

  28. James Johnson, PF, Indiana Pacers, 36
    The veteran forward has lasted a long time because of strong two-way play, but he isn’t in the rotation for Indiana.

  29. Serge Ibaka, PF, Milwaukee Bucks, UFA, 33
    The former elite big man is just a bit role player now, but he is still a shot-blocker who can shoot.

  30. Paul Reed, PF, Philadelphia 76ers, UFA, 24
    Reed is a very talented young big man who simply plays well when he is given minutes. On a contender with elite depth, however, he should continue to have trouble finding time.

  31. Udonis Haslem, PF, Miami Heat, UFA, 43
    Haslem is a Heat legend and an elite locker room guy, but that’s just about it.

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