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2013 NBA Trade Deadline Winners and Losers – Feb. 22

2013 NBA Trade Deadline Winners

Houston Rockets
It’s amazing how quickly the Kings gave up on Thomas Robinson. The Rockets reaped the benefits. When Daryl Morey got off the phone with Geoff Petrie, do you think he felt like he was getting Punk’d? Like Ashton Kutcher was going to run around the corner with a crew of cameramen? Ultimately giving up Patrick Patterson for T-Rob was a no brainer. Robinson was stuck in an awful situation in Sacto and gets new life in Houston where he will have a chance to excel at power forward. Plus Morey adds a future asset in case he decides to make a major move in the offseason.

Boston Celtics
An out-for-the-season Leandro Barbosa and the waste-of-space Jason Collins for a talented (though shot-happy) young scorer in Jordan Crawford? Um, yes please. The Celtics get an offensive threat who provides the team with some needed guard depth because of Rajon Rondo’s absence while pretty much giving up nothing. What baffles me on this one is how the Wizards weren’t able to get anything in value back for Crawford. Not even a second-round pick? I know Crawford wasn’t thrilled being in the District but why not just hold onto Crawford and try to get more bang for your buck in the offseason? Was it really worth saving $2 million in cap space? So many questions… The bottom line is Boston turned a penny into a dollar with this deal.

The Morris Twins
Phoenix acquired Marcus Morris from Houston for a second-rounder meaning the Morris twins reunite in the Desert. I think they should go all Killer Bees circa WWF mid-1980’s when “Jumping” Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair would put on their bee masks so their opponents couldn’t tell who was who. Maybe that is going to be the Suns new strategy since their team is pretty much garbage. Any gimmick they can use the remainder of the season will be beneficial.

2013 NBA Trade Deadline Losers

Atlanta Hawks
Let’s be honest, the chances of Josh Smith re-signing this summer are less likely than me watching that 5-Hour Energy commercial and not singing “my deeeeebuuuuut alllllbum” along with the dude in the ad. Atlanta is clearly heading for a major re-building effort this summer and I cannot believe they hung onto J-Smoove rather than turning him into cap space and a young asset or extra draft pick. I guess the market wasn’t great for his services since nobody wanted to give up a ton for a free agent-to-be but I still think the Hawks should have moved him for some sort of future value. (If Dwight Howard somehow signs with Atlanta next season and Smith does too, you can completely ignore this paragraph.)

Title Contenders not named Heat or Thunder
The deadline is usually a time when potential title contenders make a move or two to bolster their bench or add a veteran who can help them make a playoff push. That didn’t happen this year. Teams like the Spurs, Clippers, Knicks, Bulls, Nets, and Pacers all held tight and whiffed on potentially bringing in another piece. The Heat and Thunder didn’t do anything major (OKC dumped Eric Maynor and acquired Ronnie Brewer while Miami unloaded Dexter Pittman,) but those teams are in a position to repeat as conference champions and once again clash in the NBA Finals.

The Fans
I was glued to Twitter all day waiting for some sort of big deal to be announced instead all was quiet on the tweeting front. Josh Smith didn’t get dealt. Neither did Monta Ellis, Danny Granger or Paul Millsap. Yes, Rudy Gay was traded but that happened a couple weeks ago. Thursday afternoon was anti-climatic and that’s incredibly disappointing for every NBA fan who was waiting for something exciting to go down. I guess that’s why Bill Simmons refers to the league as the “No Balls Association.”

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