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2011 NBA Draft Trades – Feb. 25

Charlotte Bobcats own Hornets’ first round pick (via Portland/Jerryd Bayless trade) from Gerald Wallace trade (top-seven protected in 2011, top-eight protected in 2012, 2013, 2014.)

Chicago Bulls own Heat’s first-round pick (via Raptors/Chris Bosh trade) from James Johnson trade, Jazz’s second-round pick from Carlos Boozer trade, and own Suns’ second-round pick from Hakim Warrick trade.

Cleveland Cavaliers own Clippers’ first-round pick from Mo Williams/Baron Davis trade

Detroit Pistons own Raptors’ second-round pick from Carlos Delfino trade and own Nuggets’ second-round pick from Aaron Afflalo trade.

Golden State Warriors own lesser of Bulls’ second-round pick (either via Utah or Phoenix) from C.J. Watson trade and own Nets’ second-round pick from Anthony Morrow trade (top-55 protected).

Houston Rockets own Suns first-round pick (lottery protected in 2011) from Aaron Brooks trade, right to swap first-round picks with Knicks from Tracy McGrady trade and own right to swap second-round picks with Clippers from Steve Novak trade.

Los Angeles Clippers own Timberwolves’ first-round pick from Marko Jaric/Sam Cassell trade (top-10 protected in 2011, unprotected in 2012) and own Pistons’ second-round pick from Alex Acker trade.

Los Angeles Lakers own Knicks’ second-round pick from Toney Douglas trade and own Heat second-round pick from Patrick Beverly trade.

Miami Heat own Timberwolves’ second-round pick from Michael Beasley trade.

Milwaukee Bucks own Bulls’ second-round pick from Hakim Warrick trade.

Minnesota Timberwolves own Grizzlies’ first-round pick (via Utah, Ronnie Brewer trade) from Al Jefferson trade (lottery protected in 2011, top-12 protected in 2012, top-10 protected in 2013, top-nine protected in 2014 and 2015.)

New Jersey Nets own Lakers’ first-round pick from Joe Smith/Sasha Vujacic trade. (top-18 protected)

Sacramento Kings own Bucks’ second-round pick from Jon Brockman trade.

Utah Jazz own Nets’ first-round pick from Deron Williams trade.

Washington Wizards own Hawks’ first-round pick from Kirk Hinrich trade.


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