2024 NBA Mock Draft: Round Two

2024 NBA Mock Draft: Round 1, Picks 1-15 (Walt’s)
This 2024 NBA Mock Draft is updated Sunday, June 9, 2024. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

31. Toronto Raptors: Bobi Klintman, F, Sweden USC
The Raptors have some talented forwards, but they could stand to add depth at the position.

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32. Utah Jazz: Trey Alexander, G, Creighton Creighton
The Jazz used two picks on front-court players, so it’s now time to address the guard situation.

33. Milwaukee Bucks: P.J. Hall, C, Clemson
Brook Lopez is entering his contract year, so the Bucks may want to add another center.

34. Portland Trailblazers: Pacome Dadiet, SF, France France
Here’s some more wing help for the Blazers, who really need to address that area of their roster.

35. San Antonio Spurs: Cam Christie, SG, Kansas Kansas
I would expect the Spurs to use multiple picks on guards, as they happen to be very weak in that area.

36. Indiana Pacers: Baylor Scheierman, SG/SF, Creighton Creighton
The Pacers need to make sure that they’re a functional team if/when Tyrese Haliburton gets hurt again.

37. Minnesota Timberwolves: Justin Edwards, SG/SF, Kentucky
No second-round pick the Timberwolves add will crack the rotation, so Minnesota could use this selection on a developmental player.

38. New York Knicks: Kevin McCullar, SG, Kansas
The Knicks should continue to add quality depth just in case they suffer countless injuries like they did in the playoffs.

39. Memphis Grizzlies: Trentyn Flowers, SF/PF, USA
The Grizzlies are a thin team, so they should focus on adding the top players available at every choice.

40. Portland Trailblazers: Ulrich Chomche, C, Cameroon
This is Portland’s fourth pick, so one selection in the second round could be used on a developmental foreigner.

41. Philadelphia 76ers: Keshad Johnson, SF/PF, Arizona
The 76ers used their initial pick on a point guard. Here, they can find someone to potentially develop into Tobias Harris’ replacement down the road.

42. Charlotte Hornets: Dillon Jones, SF, Weber State Weber State
Another wing player for a Hornets team that needs all the help it can get.

43. Miami Heat: Tristen Newton, G, Connecticut
Here’s some guard depth for a Miami team that had plenty of injuries this past season.

44. Houston Rockets: Jonathan Mogbo, PF/C, San Francisco SanFrancisco
There will be plenty of second-round picks taken from third-world countries like San Francisco. The Rockets could pull the trigger on this foreign prospect.

45. Sacramento Kings: Isaac Jones, PF, Washington State Washington State
The Kings went with a guard in the first round, so they could address the front court with this selection.

46. Los Angeles Clippers: Juan Nunez, PG, Germany Germany
This is a foreign developmental project who might be able to one day challenge for the point guard job when James Harden retires or leaves the team.

47. Orlando Magic: Adem Bona, C, UCLA UCLA
Jarrett Allen dominated the Magic, so here’s a center to help in that regard.

48. Philadelphia 76ers: Nikola Djurisic, SG/SF, Serbia
With multiple picks in the second round, the 76ers are likely to pursue a developmental foreign prospect.

49. Indiana Pacers: A.J. Johnson, SG, Australia Australia
The Pacers have tons of picks, so one of them will undoubtedly be used on a foreign developmental project.

50. Indiana Pacers: Harrison Ingram, SF/PF, North Carolina North Carolina
The Pacers’ other consecutive second-round pick could be used on a forward to help in terms of depth.

51. Washington Bullets: Ajay Mitchell, PG, UC-Santa Barbara UC-Santa Barbara
The Bullets have major backcourt problems, so here’s some more help for that area.

52. Golden State Warriors: Reece Beekman, PG, Virginia
Steph Curry isn’t getting any younger, so the Warriors need to find some younger guards for the future.

53. Detroit Pistons: Melvin Ajinca, SG/SF, France
The Pistons adding a foreign developmental player is smart because by the time they can compete for a playoff spot, that prospect might be able to contribute.

54. Boston Celtics: Jamal Shead, PG, Houston
The Celtics could add someone to challenge for guard depth at this spot.

55. Los Angeles Lakers: Bronny James, G, USC
Probably the easiest pick to predict in the entire 2024 NBA Draft.

56. Denver Nuggets: Jalen Bridges, SF, Baylor
Ot would make sense for the Nuggets that they’d add someone who could contribute immediately like Jalen Bridges.

57. Phoenix Suns: K.J. Simpson, PG, Colorado Colorado
The Suns don’t have the best depth at guard because of the Kevin Durant trade, so they’ll have to replenish it at some point.

58. Dallas Mavericks: Pelle Larsson, SG, Arizona
The Mavericks have an incredible backcourt, but what happens if one of the two superstars gets hurt?

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