2023 NBA Mock Draft: Round Two

By Mike Elworth.

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Updated: June 22, 2023.

  1. Detroit Pistons: James Nnaji, C, Nigeria
    The Hornets may have just drafted Mark Williams, but the Nigerian born Nnaji is a fantastic talent with franchise center potential. He could stay in Europe or come to Charlotte. Nnaji can make difference as a rookie.

  2. Denver Nuggets: Andre Jackson Jr., SG, Connecticut
    The Huskies star has the makings of an elite role player and has the versatile talents to be a key member of an excellent team. The Nuggets lack a player with his talents and he could be a replacement for Bruce Brown

  3. Boston Celtics: Adam Flager, SG, Baylor
    Flager is an ace shooter with impressive playmaking talent for a two guard. Boston’s rotation isn’t easy to make, but Flager could make it.

  4. Charlotte Hornets: Terquavian Smith, SG, N.C. State
    Smith is one of the nation’s biggest scoring talents; he just has a massive efficiency problem, which may move him, and in this case has moved him, to the second round of the 2023 NBA Draft. He would fit perfectly with LaMelo Ball on the Hornets.

  5. Boston Celtics: Kris Murray, F, Iowa
    Murray is a big-time scorer and rebounder who needs to work on his jumper, but is a stud offensively. He could help replace Grant Williams, who I really doubt will re-sign in Boston. Murray would also give the Celtics more scoring than Williams.

  6. Utah Jazz: Jamie Jacquez, SG, UCLA
    The senior guard is a big-time scorer and rebounder with elite role player talent. He was on a stacked Bruins team and was huge for them. The Jazz could use a guard like him.

  7. Oklahoma City Thunder: Tosan Evbuomwan, F, Princeton
    The Princeton big man is really a Thunder pick, just smart. Evbuowman is a versatile talent, as he can score, added a jumper as a junior, is a strong rebounder and is a fantastic playmaker.

  8. Sacramento Kings: Olivier-Maxence Prosper, F, Marquette
    The Kings could use at least one more big man, and the Marquette product fits the bill. He’s a strong two-way prospect with a developing three-point shot.

  9. Charlotte Hornets: Ousmane Ndiaye, C, Senegal
    The Hornets have more picks than they can use, so drafting and then stashing some overseas talent is a smart move. Ndiaye is more than just a potential NBA player; he’s a big-time talent.

  10. Denver Nuggets: Jaylen Clarke, G, UCLA
    UCLA’s team was stacked with NBA talent, and Clarke is a fun prospect. He’s not an all-star, but with his defense, rebounding and solid offensive game, he could make a difference for the champions.

  11. Charlotte Hornets: Ricky Counsil IV, SG, Arkansas
    Counsil was on the hyped Arkansas squad and was arguably its biggest producer, and although he’s a fantastic athlete, he must learn to shoot. He is an accomplished scorer and improving playmaker who would give the Hornets some needed bounce.

  12. Washington Wizards: Amari Bailey, SG, UCLA
    Bailey has fantastic potential, but he had a disappointing season. Bailey was able to show that he is a big-time shooter, but he needs time to mature his game. The Wizards really need to focus on developing young talent, and Bailey could be a big time piece for them.

  13. Portland Trail Blazers: Jordan Walsh, F, Arkansas
    Walsh lacked the hype of his fellow Arkansas freshman, but he had a nice season. Walsh is an athletic combo forward with defensive talent. He could be a strong bench forward right away for the Trail Blazers.

  14. San Antonio Spurs: Chris Livingston, G/F, Kentucky
    Livingston is another prospect I would want to see with Coach Popovich. Livingston has defensive talent and solid size, plus has shown some shooting ability, meaning he could be a strong three-and-d guy.

  15. Memphis Grizzlies: Juan Nunez, PG, Spain
    Nunez has strong size for a point guard, and the Spaniard is a true point guard with elite playmaking talent. He has played in excellent foreign leagues, so he could likely play a role as a rookie. Point guard isn’t really a need for the Grizzlies, but he’s a strong prospect they could work on.

  16. Atlanta Hawks: Tristan Vukcevic, PF, Serbia
    The Hawks need a shooting big man, which is where Vukcevic should thrive. He has size and can shoot, and those things make you a second-round pick.

  17. Los Angeles Lakers: Azoulas Tubelis, F, Arizona
    Tubelis was one of college’s biggest stars this past season, averaging 20-9 for a fantastic team, and the 6-foot-11 prospect can shoot the ball. With so many free agents on the Lakers, he would probably find a role as a rookie.

  18. Los Angeles Clippers: Brandin Podziemski, G, Santa Clara
    The small-school guard has shown a lot of different skills; he’s an ace shooter, an efficient scorer, a solid playmaker and a fantastic rebounder. The Clippers could use a scoring guard off their bench, so I love the fit.

  19. Cleveland Cavaliers: Colby Jones, SG, Xavier
    This would be a steal given that Jones just had a big season for a really talented Xavier team. He is an efficient scorer who is a talented rebounder for his size, a solid playmaker and a pesky defender. The Cavaliers are starving for guard help, and Jones is a junior who can help right away.

  20. Oklahoma City Thunder: Tyger Campbell, G, UCLA
    Campbell was the point guard for arguably the team with the most NBA talent in college. His scoring efficiency needs a work, as well as his shooting, but he’s a really talented playmaker. The Thunder could use a solid true point off their bench, so he fits.

  21. Brooklyn Nets: Jazian Gortman, G, USA
    In the Overtime Elite with Amen and Ausar Thompson, Gortman is a talent in his own right. This would be a pick purely for talent.

  22. Phoenix Suns: Marcus Bagley, F, Arizona State
    Bagley is a very talented forward who only played 16 games over three seasons. This is a second-round gamble for Phoenix, as the team needs cheap bench help.

  23. Minnesota Timberwolves: Adama Sanogo, C, Connecticut
    After helping the Huskies win a title, the big man made the correct choice to enter the 2023 NBA Draft. He is a smaller big man, but he’s a solid rebounder and shot-blocker with a somewhat developed jump shot. The Timberwolves will probably need to replace Naz Reidm and Sanogo could help them there and can grow more with them.

  24. Sacramento Kings: Julian Phillips, F, Tennessee
    Phillips looked to be a first-rounder when the season started, and he played a decent size role on a fantastic team, but he’s not an offensive threat. He would really be drafted just for talent. The Kings could use a project though.

  25. Indiana Pacers: Ben Sheppard, F, Belmont
    Sheppard is a shooter and scorer who could become a huge piece off the Indiana bench.

  26. Memphis Grizzlies: Keyontae Johnson, F, Kansas State
    Known for his defense, Johnson is also an excellent shooter, a strong rebounder for his size and has the makings of a big-time role player.

  27. Washington Wizards: Julian Strawther, F, Gonzaga
    Strawther was a fantastic role player for one of the elite teams in the country and is an excellent shooter and rebounder. The Wizards could use some young bench help, and he could help replace Rui Hachimura.

  28. Milwaukee Bucks: Jalen Pickett, G, Penn State
    Pickett is solid scorer and shooter who is an elite rebounding guard and a talented distributor. The Bucks may need to replace Jevon Carter, and Pickett could help fill that void.

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By Mike Elworth.

Follow Mike @MikeElworth24. For site updates follow @walterfootball.

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