Random Mailbag

These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I’ve received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

JaMarcus Russell’s Purple Drank – July 11, 2010
JaMarcus Russell was arrested for Purple Drank. Hilarious e-mails ensued.

Jerks of the Week Responses – May 4, 2010
Responses about Pete Carroll, Todd McShay and more.

Drunk Mail, Hate Mail, Lost Mail – March 24, 2010
And: I’m drunk. That means: I’m really drunk. Not like: “Uhhhh, I’m drunk!!!!111!!!11!” No, it’s like: “I’m f***ing drunk.”

Al Davis Hate Mails/E-mails – March 2, 2010
I know Al Davis isn’t the best drafter, but it’s a little childish and immature and unprofessional to have him taking 5-6-7-rounders in the first three rounds based on 40 times or height/weight ratios.

Hackers and Dog Killers – Feb. 8, 2010
Whoa, what happened to your forums? Why did your home page keep re-directing to some weird Web site on Saturday night and Sunday morning?

Another Weekend of Hatemail – Jan. 25, 2010
Once again, ill say it. You are a blowhard and a complete JACKA**.

One Pick Wrong, Six New Hate Mails – Jan. 18, 2010
I have lost $14,300 on your picks so far this weekend! You are terrible!

Fresh Batch of Hate Mail – Jan. 17, 2010
You are a f***ing idiot you d***bag. The one time I decide to follow your dumba** advice I get burned hard.

First Hate Mail of the Year – Jan. 10, 2010
You should shut your s***ty site down and save yourself the embarassment. Need help getting the foot out of your mouth?

Hate Mail – Dec. 29, 2009
your a loser and your picks suck c**k just like you

Kansas, Matt Millen, Stolen Word – Dec. 19, 2009
I can’t believe NFL network and ESPN have Millen on their staff and giving football advice and opinions; to me, that’s like Tiger Woods giving marriage counseling courses… what the hell…

Rebecca Grant, Debacled English, Fat Wife – Dec. 12, 2009
Walt, you are a jerk. because of your crappy picking my wife got fat and my dog died.

Hate Mail, Vick Mail, Delhomme Mail – Dec. 5, 2009
Why da f*** Vick gotta be called a dog killer on ur website…that’s what pits are for fighting…them vicious dogs…

Fat Coaches, Dumb Coaches, Fantasy Fails – Nov. 28, 2009
You say you are a large man… I don’t have any proof of this except your word, but I am 6’3 270 pounds, so I am a large man.

Hate Mail – Nov. 24, 2009

Vikings, Jerks Entry, Marriage Talk – Nov. 21, 2009
Hello, am a young single girl never married seeking true love for a long term relationship with marriage potentials,i am happy to contact you after going through your profile which got my interest!


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