Jean Fugett’s Week 12 NFL Recap

Jean Fugett’s Week 12 NFL Recap

By Jean Fugett; thanks to Charlie Campbell – @draftcampbell is proud to partner with former Redskins and Cowboys tight end Jean Fugett, Jr. Esq. Fugett grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Amherst College. He was the last pick of the 13th round in the 1972 NFL Draft. Fugett made the Cowboys as a backup to future Hall of Famer Mike Ditka. Fugett eventually became a starter for Tom Landry’s Cowboys and started in Super Bowl X. He made the Pro Bowl in 1977.

As a free agent, Fugett went from being the lowest-paid starting tight end to the highest-paid with the Washington Redskins. While playing for legendary Redskins coach George Allen, Fugett attended law school at George Washington University at night.

During and after his playing days, Fugett worked with CBS, the Washington Post and other media. He went on to serve as Director and Vice-Chair of the McCall Pattern Company Management Committee, founded a Baltimore law firm and partnered with Fanfone in Europe.

After the death of his brother Reginald F. Lewis in 1993, Fugett took over TLC Beatrice International Foods, the largest black-owned and black-managed business in the world at the time. Fugett has served on committees with the NFL Players Association and on the Leadership Council for the American Diabetes Association Maryland Chapter. would like to thank Redskins general manager Bruce Allen and senior vice president/executive producer of media Larry Michael for connecting us to Fugett. Now, let’s let Jean take over.

Week 13 NFL Picks

Week 12 NFL Recap

How do we separate the true contenders from the pretenders with so many 5-6 teams, teams with losing records and yet still have a chance to make the playoffs? What a great country! Still alive with a losing record with five games left in a 16-game season and a real chance to win the Super Bowl, the NFL truly has become a week to week endeavor. Hope for a winning outcome is a roller coaster ride. Hope you enjoy the ride following your team.

Take my son Russell as an example. He is an avid lifelong Washington fan and on Monday this week he asked me what I thought would happen on Monday night when Washington played the 49ers on Monday Night Football, the national showcase.

“Well it is November,� I replied. �And you have two teams that are about to play and only one on the two is on the way to the playoffs. They play on national TV, remember all the NFL players watch this game; and I almost forgot, the future playoff team went to the Super Bowl last year. What do you think is going to happen?”

The 49ers had to make a statement on Monday night in order to hang with the Cardinals and the other NFC pretenders and they did! Are the Cardinals pretending?

The Cardinals at the Eagles game on Sunday is what we would call a playoff game and will answer that question.

It is not so clear in the AFC. The game on Sunday night was one of the best games of the year. To see Denver go out to a big lead most thought the game was over. For Denver to be shutout in the third quarter and then to lose in overtime in New England, many wonder what will happen Sunday at Kansas City a much better defense although injured now.

How about that San Diego victory over the Chiefs? San Diego has good matchups offensively but who thought Manti Te’o would be making Junior Seau type plays in November for the Chargers?

Former Redskin and Cowboy tight end Jean Fugett was a Pro Bowler in 1977 and a starter in Super Bowl X.

In the Ravens and Jets, Ed Reed was turned around on a Joe Flacco pass for a decisive touchdown in a game that really showed the strength of the arm of Joe Flacco and the ability of Jacoby Jones to make a big plays downfield.

Looking at Cincinnati’s schedule: They go to San Diego, and then the Bengals play the up-and-down Colts, go on the road to Pittsburgh, Minnesota and the Ravens. Assuming Cincinnati stays in first place; the loser of the Pittsburgh-Baltimore game tonight may be eliminated. The Thanksgiving game could be a championship game for the final wild card spot in the AFC. The winner of the game is favored to make the playoffs. Both teams have veteran staffs that have won championships in the NFL. The Steelers have won three in a row and are the hottest team.


In the AFC East the Bills are out and a case could be made the Dolphins and Jets are also out of the playoff hunt this season.

The Browns are the only team out in the North right now.

The Texans and Jaguars are eliminated. Tennessee is on the precipice.

San Diego on a precipice controls destiny by winning out. Oakland has now been eliminated in the AFC.

Pittsburgh still has a chance to win the AFC North even though Cincinnati has the lead. Cleveland is out of it and Baltimore is on its way out.

In the AFC West, you can still be sure that Denver and Kansas City are going to make the playoffs.

As for the AFC East, New England has a clear path, but it is doubtful a second playoff team will come from this division.

The Colts are in control in the AFC South, but are playing poorly.


NFC wild card teams will not come from the NFC East or from the NFC North. The Survivors this week are New Orleans, Carolina, Seattle, San Francisco and, yes, Arizona all still in the hunt. Two of the NFC Survivors will win a Division title.

Sunday picks later. Hope you enjoyed the turkey and football on Thanksgiving!

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