2020 Fantasy Football: Busts Recap from 2019

I was recently on a Fantasy Football Podcast with the Fantasy Football Counselor. We discussed who the biggest fantasy busts from 2019 were.

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Joseph Robert: Yeah. So any other busts? But, that was the honorable mention was Damien Williams as the number two bust behind David Johnson according to Counsel Nation. And I’d say that Damien Williams is the number one bus. Again, David Johnson, if you look at the first six weeks, he was doing well. And again, a lot of this was a coaching thing and partly because of that injury and his lack of explosiveness. But I think at the end of the day, either one of those could be a good argument.

Walter C.: Yeah, I agree. He’s number one on my list. So I agree there. Todd Gurley was number two. I didn’t understand how people were drafting early at the end of the first round. I think his ADP was 111, 112 or 201 or something like that, depending on where you look. I really didn’t get it because not only was he dealing with arthritis in his knee, which just sounded horrifying for a running back, he was also going to run behind an offensive line that lost three starters in the off-season. So I thought, draft early in the third round. I wasn’t taking him before that.

You can check out our full conversation, as well as other great Fantasy Football content at the Fantasy Football Counselor.

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