Matt McGuire’s 2010 NFL Draft Stock: Senior Bowl

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2010 NFL Draft Stock Up

Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State
Carrington dominated this week in 1v1’s and flashed athleticism I hadn’t seen before. He’s one of the most intriguing prospects to follow for draftniks.

Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
Had great practices on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but struggled on Thursday. With good coaching, he could be a star in the league.

Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
Graham isn’t falling out of the second round with his consistent week, but I’m not buying the first-round hype.

Cam Thomas, NT, North Carolina
Thomas was one of the more impressive defensive linemen all week and the 3-4 teams took notice. He has great power and displayed an unstoppable bull rush.

Daryl Washington, OLB, Texas Christian
There is no doubt he needs to bulk up (234 pounds), but Washington is a playmaker I’ve been high on for a long time and he made several great players in practice. He’s a big favorite of NFL Network’s Mike Mayock as well.

Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
I loved the leadership from “Spoon” and his confidence is contagious. He was active all week, and he will win over teammates and fans. His personality reminds me of Ray Lewis.

Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State
I loved what Wilson accomplished all week long. This prospect is an all-out playmaker as he showed the complete package in Mobile. He solidified a second-round grade for me and is now my No. 3 corner prospect.

Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
Where was this guy during the season? Atkins showed impressive athleticism and motor in Mobile. Offensive linemen struggled to keep their hands on him.

Jarrett Brown, QB, West Virginia
Easily the most impressive quarterback in Mobile, but he still wasn’t super-consistent. He has a good build, nice arm strength, accuracy, and nice touch on the football. He’s a project, but there is no doubt he has the skill set to be a starter. His name will get chosen in Rounds 3 or 4. I’m debating if I will move him up to my No. 3 quarterback.

Dexter McCluster, ATH, Mississippi
I listed McCluster as an athlete because he will do a little bit of everything on offense. He is a good route runner and has great athleticism.

Andre Roberts, WR, The Citadel
WOW. I hadn’t seen any of Roberts all year, but he destroyed Mobile. He showed crisp route running and solid athleticism, and he rarely dropped passes. The jump in competition didn’t faze him and his stock is soaring. I think he is a likely third-round pick now. He doesn’t have a high upside, but Roberts might be a solid No. 2 receiver in the league.

Myron Rolle, SS, Florida State
Rolle was highly impressive at the weigh-in with his physique, and he showed underrated athleticism in practice. After not putting on pads for an entire year he really impressed just about everyone I spoke with in Mobile. The question with him remains whether he will leave the NFL to pursue other endeavors early in his career.

Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
Barring something we don’t know about Williams behind closed doors, he’s a locked in first=round pick and could go as high as the top 20 picks.

2010 NFL Draft Stock Down

Selvish Capers, T, West Virginia
Capers has good speed, but I see a converted tight end with no blocking instincts and very raw technique. He struggled all week.

Mike Johnson, G, Alabama
His lack of bulk and athleticism showed in Mobile, but on tape he produced. He’s still likely to go in the mid rounds.

Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky
What happened to Lindley? As a sophomore he was one of the most dominant corners in the nation and now he looks disinterested and rarely made plays all week. He could go as low as Round 6.

Taylor Mays, SS, USC
Mays was overrated coming into Mobile, and now everyone is down on him – but it isn’t his fault. Some say he can correct his flaws with coaching, but there are several flaws in his game, and I still maintain a second-round grade on him. However, I still believe he is a first-round pick.

Eric Norwood, OLB, South Carolina
Norwood can’t turn and run with tight ends or running backs. He lacks speed and I felt like he really hurt himself this week.

Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri
Alexander is a raw route runner and had inconsistent hands. He’s a long strider who won’t do much damage after the catch in the league.

Kurt Coleman, SS, Ohio State
Coleman lacks speed and is a little stiff. He’ll go off the board between Rounds 4 and 5. I was disappointed with his performance this week.

Vladimir Ducasse, OL, UMASS
Ducasse struggled with the jump in competition. He got a little top heavy at times, and now he seems destined for Round 2.

Phillip Dillard, LB, Nebraska
Dillard didn’t make a lot of plays and got exposed in coverage. In footwork drills, he lacked athleticism.

Taylor Price, WR, Ohio
He’s an athlete; not a football player. His performance this week reminded me of Derrick Williams out of Penn State last year. How was Williams’ rookie year?

Syd’Quan Thompson, CB, California
Thompson might have to make a position change to strong safety or nickel. He doesn’t have the footspeed or agility to play corner.

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