NFL Picks with Chronobiology

A good friend of mine has been using chronobiology to pick NFL games, and he was kind enough to share these charts with me. He asked me to post these on this Web site, so I’d like to thank him for doing so.

What is Chronobiology? He explains in this slideshow he sent to me:

Makes sense. I don’t know about you, but I have stretches where I feel sharp and energetic, and then I get into a lazy funk. I’ve been in a mental funk this entire season. No doubt that I’m mentally low.

My friend asked me which game I wanted charts for. I told him that I had the most interest in the Seahawks-Vikings and Raiders-Chiefs. Here are the charts for the former:

Per this study, the Seahakws have a ton of physically low defensive players. Coupled with the time change, this bodes well for Minnesota. I have the Vikings as a four-unit selection on my NFL Picks page.

As for the Raiders-Chiefs, my friend’s study shows that a total is the way to go:

The two teams have a combined 15 physically low defensive players, which means that the game should be a shootout. With Justin Houston out, that definitely makes sense.

My friend sent me charts for one other team: his top play, which he believes I should have five units on:

Perhaps I’ll increase my bet on the Falcons.

Once again, I’d like to thank my friend for allowing me to post his charts on the site. Hopefully you’ve found this information useful like I have, and good luck on your wagers this week.

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