2020 NFL Survivor Pool: Walt's Advice

You can get advice for the 2020 NFL Survivor Pool on this page. I'll be posting my top five picks each week, as well as the trap of the week, so check back if you need tips and analysis.

If you want to enter - it's free with a $350 prize - go here to the 2020 NFL Survivor Pool page.

As always, follow me @walterfootball to stay up to date.

2020 NFL Survivor Week 17: Top Five Options

  1. Indianapolis Colts (vs. Jaguars)
    This is an easy decision if you still have the Colts available. The Jaguars are a disaster.

  2. Baltimore Ravens (at Bengals)
    Another easy choice if you still have them available.

  3. Cleveland Browns (vs. Steelers)
    The Steelers are sitting their starters, so the Browns should be able to win easily.

  4. San Angeles Chargers (at Chiefs)
    The Chiefs are another team sitting their starters. Justin Herbert should be able to beat Chad Henne.

  5. New Orleans Saints (at Panthers)
    I somehow haven't used the Saints yet. They're a decent option against the Panthers.

    2020 Survivor Top Options: 63-17. (Week 1: IND; Week 2: GB; Week 3: CLE; Week 4: LAR; Week 5: BAL; Week 6: MIA; Week 7: LAC; Week 8: KC; Week 9: PIT; Week 10: TB; Week 11: MIN; Week 12: BUF; Week 13: LV; Week 14: SEA; Week 15: TEN; Week 16: HOU; Week 17: NO). 2019 Survivor Top Options: 62-23. 2018 Survivor Top Options: 69-16. 2017 Survivor Top Options: 63-20. 2016 Survivor Top Options: 62-23. 2015 Survivor Top Options: 58-27. 2014 Survivor Top Options: 64-21.

2020 NFL Survivor Week 17: Trap of the Week

Tennessee Titans (at Texans)
The Titans have to win. That means there's a good chance they'll choke against a Houston team that will be able to score on their poor defense. The Texans are a big play on my NFL Picks page.

2020 Survivor Trap Games: 8-8. (Week 1: PHI; Week 2: BAL; Week 3: PHI; Week 4: ARZ; Week 5: SF; Week 6: NYG; Week 7: LAR; Week 8: LAR; Week 9: ARZ; Week 10: PIT; Week 11: BAL; Week 12: LV; Week 13: MIN; Week 14: LAR; Week 15: CLE; Week 16: CHI). 2019 Survivor Trap Games: 4-13. 2018 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2017 Survivor Trap Games: 5-12. 2016 Survivor Trap Games: 5-12. 2015 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2014 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9.


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