2021 NFL Survivor Pool: Walt's Advice

You can get advice for the 2021 NFL Survivor Pool on this page. I'll be posting my top five picks each week, as well as the trap of the week, so check back if you need tips and analysis.

If you want to enter - it's free with a $350 prize - go here to the 2021 NFL Survivor Pool page.

As always, follow me @walterfootball to stay up to date.

2021 NFL Survivor Week 3: Top Five Options

  1. Denver Broncos (vs. Jets)
    If you didn't use the Broncos last week, feel free to play them against the Jets. Vic Fangio will crush Zach Wilson.

  2. Cleveland Browns (vs. Bears)
    Will Justin Fields come into Cleveland beat the Browns in his first start? I have my doubts.

  3. Buffalo Bills (vs. Redskins)
    Josh Allen is not playing well, but neither is Washington's alleged great defense.

  4. Carolina Panthers (at Texans)
    I hate the idea of relying on Sam Darnold, but Davis Mills is unlikely to win with just three days to prepare for his first start.

  5. Arizona Cardinals (at Jaguars)
    The Cardinals are a top-five NFL team, and the Jaguars haven't been competitive with anyone yet.

    2021 Survivor Top Options: 9-1. (Week 1: SF; Week 2: CLE; Week 3: DEN). 2020 Survivor Top Options: 68-17. 2019 Survivor Top Options: 62-23. 2018 Survivor Top Options: 69-16. 2017 Survivor Top Options: 63-20. 2016 Survivor Top Options: 62-23. 2015 Survivor Top Options: 58-27. 2014 Survivor Top Options: 64-21.

2021 NFL Survivor Week 3: Trap of the Week

Las Vegas Raiders (vs. Dolphins)
I imagine some people will be picking the 2-0 Raiders versus the team that just lost 35-0, but Miami could easily win this game. I've bet the Dolphins heavily on my NFL Picks page.

2021 Survivor Trap Games: 1-1. (Week 1: CAR; Week Week 2: NO; Week 3: LV). 2020 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2019 Survivor Trap Games: 4-13. 2018 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2017 Survivor Trap Games: 5-12. 2016 Survivor Trap Games: 5-12. 2015 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9. 2014 Survivor Trap Games: 8-9.


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