NFL Hot Press: One Team Hears 49ers Will Select Patrick Mahomes at No. 2

One Team Hears 49ers Will Select Patrick Mahomes at No. 2

Updated April 24, 2017
By Walter Cherepinsky. Follow Walter on Twitter @walterfootball.

The 49ers are a complete mystery right now. No one seems to know what they’ll do, as there is no consensus selection among NFL Draft analysts and speculators. With a new front office, there’s not even a baseline of what the team could be looking for.

Charlie Campbell and I put out feelers to our various team sources. Charlie reported a few days ago that a team believed the 49ers to be “desperate” to trade down. The consensus otherwise was the 49ers selecting Mitchell Trubisky No. 2 overall.

A high-ranking NFC personnel man responded to my query Monday morning, and the name he gave me for San Francisco’s pick was a surprising one: 

Patrick Mahomes.

This team source said that he heard over the weekend that the 49ers would take Mahomes at No. 2 overall. Some believe Mahomes to be the best quarterback prospect in this class, so if San Francisco shares that opinion, Mahomes would be just as logical of a selection as Trubisky.

Quarterbacks – mainly Trubisky, but also Deshaun Watson and now Mahomes – have been rumored to San Francisco, and understandably so, given the team’s dire need for a quarterback. Taking a signal-caller would block the potential of signing Kirk Cousins, but the 49ers would have a concrete quarterback to build around for certain.