NFL Hot Press: Jaguars to Welcome Back Blackmon

Jaguars to Welcome Back Blackmon

Updated Jan. 27, 2015
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

Sources with the Jacksonville Jaguars say that the team is currently planning on welcoming back wide receiver Justin Blackmon, and they are optimistic about his ability to contribute in 2015.

Team contacts say that Blackmon has successfully completed a treatment program after being suspended for the 2014 season for repeated failed drug tests. Thus far, Blackmon is said to have passed the necessary drug and alcohol tests to get reinstated into the NFL. Sources say that Blackmon has his affairs in order and is very motivated to resurrect his NFL career. Blackmon’s goal is to be the Comeback Player of the Year next season.

Getting a healthy and motivated Blackmon could be huge for Jacksonville and make a big difference in the development of second-year quarterback Blake Bortles. Blackmon could combine with Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee to provide Borltes with a trio of receivers to make plays for him. If Blackmon is able to get reinstated, that would allow Jacksonville to focus on improving an overmatched offensive line. Sources with Jacksonville feel optimistic that Blackmon is going to stay out of trouble and is ready to provide an impact for the Jaguars.

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