NFL Hot Press: 2022 NFL Draft Week Rumors Tuesday

2022 NFL Draft Week Rumors Tuesday

Updated April 26, 2022
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

Draft week is finally here! With the 2022 NFL Draft just two days away, here are some the rumors and chatter that is hearing from team sources.

  • One of the wild cards high in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft is Oregon defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux. Entering the 2022 NFL Draft process, Thibodeaux was a favorite to go No. 1 overall, but he fell from that standing due to a variety of reasons. Those include his 2021 tape being not dominant as in the past and that he took a lot of plays off. Thibodeaux also developed a reputation of being focused on “his brand” and not loving football. Here is the quote from an AFC director of college scouting:

    “Thibs is a bit overhyped – good but not a deluxe athlete. Kayvon doesn’t love ball, isn’t a team guy and everything is transactional with him, like a business deal. Big smoker & teammates roll their eyes at him. Got a lot of crap that comes with him, and he’s not a freak.”

    Other team sources said that Thibodeaux did poorly in the interviews and he bombed some pre-draft visits. That being said, teams like his speed off the edge and natural quarterback-hunting skills. With that conundrum, Thibodeaux could as high as No. 3 overall to the Texans or he could slide to late in the top 10 or to the early teens. If he does slide, the character issues and the reputation for not loving football will be why.

  • While Thibodeaux’s poor reputation has gotten publicity leading up the 2022 NFL Draft, another edge rusher who is receiving poor marks for character has flown under the radar, Florida State defensive end Jermaine Johnson. Multiple team sources say Johnson’s character issues are significant, with one director of player personnel labelling Johnson as worse than Thibodeaux. Teams received negative feedback from Georgia, and the character issues played a part in Johnson transferring from the Bulldogs for his senior year. Johnson did well in the pre-draft workouts and at the Senior Bowl, so he is probably safe as a top-20 selection. But if he slides, the makeup question will be what is dragging him down.

  • Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton slid during the draft process thanks to some slow 40 times and workouts that were not impressive. For the Fighting Irish, Hamilton looked big, athletic and fast, so it was somewhat surprising that he did not work out better. A reason for that might be that Hamilton did not attack the draft workout training like most prospects do. Here are the comments from a source with team that could select a safety in the first or second round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

    “He’s just not the worker and leader that most of the Notre Dame guys are,” said a NFC director of player personnel. “He’s a little selfish also.”

    Hamilton is young as a true junior, so perhaps as he matures, he will become a more focused professional.

  • Some NFL sources told there is chatter that the Packers are interested in trading up for a wide receiver. With four selections in the top-59 picks, Green Bay has plenty of ammo to do it. Obviously, the Packers are in dire need of a potential No. 1 wide receiver after trading Davante Adams to the Raiders. This is second-hand information from team sources and not coming from Green Bay, so it has to be taken with some skepticism given the timing. Still, it would not be surprising if the Packers were aggressive about landing Aaron Rodgers a new weapon.

  • Another second-hand rumor going around with team sources is that both the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens covet Georgia nose tackle Jordan Davis. The Ravens hold the 14th pick, and the Eagles are one behind them at No. 15, so if Philadelphia wants to ensure it can land Davis, the organization may have to a short trade up like it did last year for DeVonta Smith.