Why Undrafted?: Stephen Morris

Why Undrafted?: Stephen Morris, QB, Miami
By Charlie Campbell, @draftcampbell

It wasn’t that long ago that some draft analysts like ESPN’s Todd McShay were rating Stephen Morris as a top quarterback prospect and a first-round pick. Entering 2013, some felt that Morris was going to prove to be a potential franchise quarterback. Sources with teams say that they never held Morris in that regard. To confirm teams’ view, Morris didn’t play well as a senior as he struggled with accuracy and threw more interceptions.

After underwhelming at the Senior Bowl and Combine, it wasn’t surprising that Morris went undrafted. Most teams didn’t give him a draftable grade. He doesn’t possess good size, mobility or passing ability. Simply put, Morris didn’t play well enough in his collegiate career to get drafted.

After not being picked, Morris signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, which was a good choice. Chad Henne and Blake Bortles are locked in as the first two quarterbacks, but Morris only has to beat out Ricky Stanzi to be the third quarterback. Henne has never been a good starting quarterback, while Bortles is viewed as needing a lot of developmental time before being ready to play.

Considering Jacksonville’s weak offensive line along with those quarterback issues, it makes sense for the Jaguars to carry three quarterbacks. Morris has a stronger arm than Stanzi and could prove to be more worthy of developing. Morris doesn’t look like he could ever turn into a starting option, but he may prove to be a capable backup behind Bortles.

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