NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 6, 2010

Oregon State vs. TCU

61 Marcus Cannon
3 Tejay Johnson
85 Jeremy Kerley

Oregon State
1 Jacquizz Rodgers
54 Stephen Paea
60 Alex Linnenkohl
8 James Rodgers

James Rodgers

1st – 12:00 – Outstanding route running, really sells the out route to go up the seam of the zone for the TD reception

Stephen Paea

1st – 9:36 – Great job using hands, staying low and generating power from lower body … Disengages to make tackle

1st – 7:28 – Lacks quickness and athleticism to beat LG from 3-tech position on swim move … didn’t see much pass rushing talent from Paea here w/ opportunity

1st – 0:15 – 1-tech, dips shoulder and generates leverage to get under LG … QB holds ball for too long and Paea gets sack … LG could have been flagged for holding here … great motor here and Paea shows some toughness

2nd – 5:52 – Outstanding strength inside … gives a punch to LG and generates some space … nearly gets sack but lacks closing speed/athleticism … terrific motor on Paea but we see his limitations here …

3rd – 9:46 – Completely unblocked … makes tackle but didn’t have to beat anybody due to missed assignment

Not much impact from Paea in 3rd QTR – not a lack of motor just didn’t have opportunities

4th – 8:27 – 5-technique position … disengages, but RT stays with block to force Paea up field and past ballcarrier … Paea seemed to lack some agility here

4th – 7:53 – Completely overwhelmed by Cannon’s size here and engulfed

4th – 6:23 – Lacks athleticism to beat RB to gap

4th – 4:06 – Lacks balance and coordination … gets pushed to ground

4th – 3:36 – Engulfed at POA by double team (clearly can’t play nose tackle in NFL at current playing weight, whatever it is)

Marcus Cannon

2nd 0:56 – Uses angle, mass, strength and takes DT Paea out of play to create running space for TD

4th – 7:53 – Generates leverage, bends at knees, completely takes DT Paea out of play for 1st down run on 3rd & 7 … created massive running lane


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