NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted July 18, 2010

Texas vs. Oklahoma

81 sam acho
4 aaron williams
3 curtis brown
8 chykie brown

44 jeremy beal
86 adrian taylor
28 travis lewis
20 quinton carter

Curtis Brown 14:55 1st – Poor job breaking down in space – missed tackle on sideline

7:01 1st – Great job of breaking up RZ pass…doesn’t give much space…great technique… gets vertical…nice athleticism

8:52 2nd – Poor positioning on outside technique … should have been settled on WR’s outside shoulder…gave up completed pass

DeMarco Murray 14:55 1st – very good flare route … soft hands … gets pads low … good speed

11:08 1st – Good hands, make tackler miss … good toughness at end of run

14:14 1st – Shows some elusiveness on this play but more bad defense and tackling… doesn’t show elite 2nd gear here

7:38 1st – Showed solid explosion out of cut

7:01 1st – Solid job in pass protection taking on blitz

Sam Acho 14:14 1st – Recognizes delayed screen but too far from play to make impact … shows good instincts and vision here

13:46 1st – Shows good hustle and motor on pursuit tackle…nice instincts and solid speed

Aaron Williams 13:12 1st – Solid coverage and technique here – forces out of bounds throw

7:52 1st – Gets taken out of play … Poor job of not taking on block on WR screen … Should have shown more toughness here … At least he forced WR inside

11:55 1st – Good speed, poise, and technique on blitz/sack

Jeremy Beal 12:58 1st – Gets pushed out of play by tackle and gives up long run…a little too finesse should have been more physical here

10:41 – showed good effort on this play – WR too quick

10:25 – Nice hand extension – good toughness and forces 3rd down tackle…great job staying with play

2nd 9:40 – DL drop – solid agility … nice QB tackle … good technique

Travis Lewis 12:36 1st – Nice motor and very physical in filling A gap on run blitz

10:41 – Nice speed and range

1:20 1st – Solid depth in zone drop … always seems to get involved … willing to get uniform a little dirty

1:12 1st – Recogines screen quickly … takes on block and eliminates space … quick, strong hands vs. OL

7:12 2nd – Shows elite upper body strength in taking on OG … great technique, keeps hands inside pads, keeps feet moving … forces OG to ground. Really impressive play

3:24 2nd – Poor awareness in zone and overpursues

2:29 2nd – Didn’t stay home and look for QB keeper on read option … bad discipline and instincts

Chykie Brown 9:14 1st – Should have made a play on this ball … shows good outside technique, but doesn’t get out of his break

14:22 1st – Gave up too much seperation – too high in drop – missed tackle

Quinton Carver 9:55 2nd – Man coverage on flanker (Cover 0) – nice jam at LOS forces incompletion

6:08 2nd – Poor job in run support vs. QB draw … too high, didn’t bend at knees … didn’t keep eye on belt buckle … missed tackle

3:04 2nd – Poor tackling technique again … leaves feet and throws body instead of wrapping up

2:35 2nd – Poor tackle again … throws body only using helmet/shoulder pads instead of wrapping up


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