NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted July 18, 2010

Penn State vs. LSU

Penn State
61 Stefen Wisniewski
81 Jack Crwaford
22 Evan Royster

78 Joe Barksdale
80 Terrance Toliver
11 Kelvin Sheppard
7 Patrick Peterson
15 Brandon Taylor
4 Jai Eugene

Field: Rain, sloppy surface, muddy, bad field

Steven Wisniewski 14:06 1st – Good leverage, strong, very tough, physical, tenacious

Kelvin Sheppard 14:06 1st – Takes poor angle

Patrick Peterson 12:51 – Big hit, very physical to break up play

5:55 1st – Solid open field tackle…comfortable in space ‘

2:00 1st – Bites on double move (stutter step) and gives up TD

Joseph Barksdale 4:30 1st – Technically sound, light on his feet, nice hold vs. Crawford

3:55 1st – Short, athletic steps … smooth, light on feet … wider base, use hands better knocked off balance a bit

3:23 1st – Tampa-2 zone coverage, Peterson has inside leverage … solid awareness, good technique, but he might have been able to get PBU here

:07 1st – Bad second step and doesn’t seal off DE … poor play

5:18 2nd – Great kick step, LOVE his footwork … smooth athlete and picks up stunt

Brandon Taylor 3:15 1st – Very good job in run support … good angle to ballcarrier and gets involved

Terrance Toliver 15:00 2nd – Good route on slant – really sells it and doesn’t tip off … shows a little fearlessness over the middle … good ball security

3:52 2nd – Dropped football – INT was his fault, not QB’s

Evan Royster 3:48 2nd – Unimpressive speed and quickness with great OL blocking for him here … very soft run and goes down by himself … should be more agressive. Big gain but unimpressive improvisation by Royster

1:53 2nd – Goes down easy … lacks a lot of power and toughness

Jack Crawford lacks power in his base and gets blocked by Barksdale


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