NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted July 18, 2010

Wisconsin vs. Purdue

Gabe Carimi

15:00 1st – Struggles in space … seems a little heavy footed and lacks some athleticism /agility

13:25 1st – Excellent push in the run game … shows solid strength … still on ground too much (at end of play – but I see this consistently)

12:19 1st – Bends at waist too much … a little heavy legged … good job shuffling feet

11:47 1st – Needs to do a better job with knee bend … excellent push in run game and shows upper body strength

11:18 1st – Good 2nd level block … nice straight line speed (just lacks smoothness – a little stiff) …

7:14 1st (on own 2-yd line) – Excellent footwork on this play and great technique … halfway through he gets top heavy and bends at waist, but then adjusts

6:24 1st – Excellent push in run game … does a good job of pumping feet … Good strength … DT (Mike Neal) out of play

4:24 1st – Gets way too top heavy … poor footwork and gets off balance

3:43 1st – Very good push in run game again … Solid job staying low and using leverage vs. Neal

1:42 1st – Solid footwork but gets too high … Lacks knee/ankle flexion … Clearly at this point I know he isn’t a natural knee bender – not sure if he is capable of this

:59 1st – Nice kick step … gets too top heavy and goes to ground when Kerrigan puts on spin move … lacks athleticism, agility, coordination, etc. … Gives up 0.5 sack

9:52 2nd – Relies on size and strength too much … bad hand placement and doesn’t get extension … On ground and has trouble keeping feet underneath him

11:55 3rd – Pancake block … uses size and strength to devour DE … really nice run block

9:53 3rd – Gets too top heavy and bends at waist … on ground again

15:00 4th – Poor hand placement and lets Kerrigan get inside body … poor job of cutting off horn and gets beat … would have given up sack had QB not thrown ball a second early … Kerrigan simply got under Carimi’s pads and beat him to the QB using strength and technique … Carimi got too high here … this is the type of play that convinces me Carimi can’t play LT in NFL

Nick Toon

2nd 9:02 – Excellent job going over the middle and hanging onto football after BIG hit that put him on his back … Lacked some acceleration over the middle on crossing route

10:51 3rd – Great diving catch over the middle on a post route … Terrific concentration and doesn’t let ball hit ground


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