2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Roman Wilson

  • Roman Wilson, 5-10/186
  • Wide Receiver
  • Michigan

Roman Wilson Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Dangerous slot receiver
  • Threat to pick up yards after the catch
  • Natural hands catcher
  • Smooth route-runner
  • Has a burst out of his breaks
  • Consistently generates separation
  • Sudden
  • Finds soft spots in zone
  • Effective on slants, cross, digs, and out routes
  • Gritty competitor
  • Tracks the ball well
  • Late hands
  • Uses body well in traffic to out-fight defenders


  • Limited to slot
  • Small
  • Quicker than fast
  • Lacks elite speed
  • Short
  • Could have problems with long NFL corners
  • Could have a hard time getting off contact

Prospect Summary:

While the Wolverines fielded a ground-based offense over the past few seasons, when they needed some big plays through the air, Wilson was a clutch receiver for them. In 2021 (25-420-3) and 2022 (25-376-4), Wilson generated some production, but he really stepped up as a senior to help Michigan win the National Championship. Wilson had a big yea, catching 48 passes for 789 yards and 12 touchdowns. He made a lot of clutch plays that helped keep his team undefeated across his final season in Ann Arbor.

There is a lot to like about Wilson for the next level because he is an effective slot receiving weapon. Wilson is a run-after-the-catch playmaker who is a threat to rip off chunk gains on any reception. Thanks to his quickness and shifty route-running, he will rapidly move through his route and retains just enough burst out of his breaks to create separation. Wilson is a very polished route-runner who was prepared well by the Michigan coaching staff. He does not take extra steps and is very crisp through his cuts. Along with the ability to get open, Wilson is a natural hands catcher who is very reliable in terms of securing the ball. Given his feisty style, Wilson is a fighter who provides energy and is an good contributor as a slot receiver.

Wilson has some limitations for the NFL in terms of being short and lacking elite speed. He could have problems with longer cornerbacks, and getting off jams and re-routes could be issues for him. Even though Wilson is quick and a shifty route-runner, he is not a speed demon like a Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle or Jameson Williams. For the pros, Wilson’s size limits him to being a slot receiver.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, Wilson looks likely to go as high as the second round. He shouldn’t fall lower than Round 4.

Prospect Comparison:

Jamison Crowder/Skyy Moore. Crowder (5-9, 177) and Wilson are similar in size while both being dangerous slot receivers. Like Wilson, Crowder was a quick route-runner who could get open and had reliable hands. In the NFL, I think Wilson could be similar player to Crowder. If Wilson does not translate as well as Crowder did, he could be a backup receiver similar to Moore.


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