2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Devon Achane

  • Devon Achane, 5-9/185

  • Running Back

  • Texas A&M

  • Devon Achane Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Fast
  • Acceleration
  • Quick first-step to hit the hole
  • Second gear in the open field
  • Threat to rip off a long touchdown on any carry
  • Instinctive runner
  • Good vision
  • Anticipation
  • Knee bend
  • Runs behind his pads
  • Elusive; has moves in the open field
  • Cutting ability
  • Quick feet
  • Receiving skills
  • Dangerous route-runner
  • Mismatch receiver
  • Soft hands
  • Catches with his hands
  • Third-down weapon
  • Decisive runner
  • Dangerous kick returner

  • Weaknesses:
  • Small
  • Lean lower body
  • Lacks balance
  • Not a tough runner between the tackles
  • Will struggle to create lots of yards after contact in the NFL
  • Won’t be an asset in goal-line or short-yardage situations
  • Will need development in blitz protection
  • Frame could be maxed out
  • Can he hold up and avoid injury in the NFL?

  • Summary: By losing Isaiah Spiller to the NFL, the Texas A&M offense lost a power runner, but Achane came on as the new starter to provide a dynamic speed back to attack defenses. In 2022, Achane averaged 5.6 yards per carry for 1,102 yards and eight touchdowns. He also took 36 catches for 196 yards and two touchdowns. A year earlier as Spiller’s backup, Achane averaged seven yards per carry for 910 yards and nine touchdowns. That season, he caught 24 passes for 261 yards and a touchdown.

    As a runner, Achane is a speed back who is real threat to rip off a big gain anytime he touches the ball. He has a first-step burst and accelerates through the hole with a second gear to explode downfield for long gains. With his explosion, it looks like Achane gets a one-step headstart over everybody else on the field. In the open field, Achane is not just fast, but he has the moves to dodge tacklers and possesses serious change-ofdirection skills. The fast back is a threat to tackle any carry to the end zone. Immediately, he will bring a big-play threat to his offense, plus he could contribute as a returner on special teams.

    On top of being an explosive runner, Achane can be a weapon as a receiver. He has soft hands that help him naturally catch the ball. Achane is elusive in the open field and can rip off yards in chunks. He is too fast and shifty for linebackers or safeties to cover in man, so he provides an excellent mismatch. Achane will be a third-down receiving problem in the NFL. Like all college backs, Achane will need some tutoring in pass protection.

    Achane lacks the size and strength to be a three-down starter in the NFL. He will have to be a backup change-of-pace back as a pro. With his lack of size, Achane is not going to pick up a lot of yards after contact. He also does not have the balance, toughness, or size to take a lot of carries between the tackles.

    In the 2023 NFL Draft, Achane looks like a potential second-day pick who could work his way into being a dangerous contributor.

    Player Comparison: Nyheim Hines. From a skill-set perspective, Hines (5-9, 196) and Achane are very similar. Both are fast running backs who are explosive weapons who can rip off chunk gains on any touch and contribute as returners. Hines is stronger, while Achane could be faster. If Achane pans out in the NFL, I think he could be a back similar to Hines.


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