2021 NFL Draft Scouting Reports: Dayo Odeyingbo

  • Dayo Odeyingbo, 6-6/276

  • Defensive End

  • Vanderbilt

  • Dayo Odeyingbo Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Good combination of size, speed and athleticism
  • Has a frame to get bigger, stronger
  • Excellent length, wingspan
  • Length to keep blockers away from him
  • Fast for a big rusher
  • Closing speed
  • Burst off ball
  • Speed to around the corner
  • Speed-to-power rush ability
  • Can play defensive tackle
  • Dangerous penetrating presence
  • Ability to use hands and feet at same time
  • Good motor
  • Gives a second effort
  • Nice ability to redirect
  • Willing run defender
  • Versatile for 3-4 or 4-3 defense
  • Huge upside

  • Weaknesses:
  • Tore Achilles after 2020 season
  • Unpolished pass rusher
  • Raw; underdeveloped technique
  • Could stand to get stronger
  • Gets in trouble when he stands up too high
  • Balance issues
  • Falls to the ground too much

  • Summary: The strange shortened 2020 season did not provide as many opportunities for players to break out as in a typical years. Odeyingbo was an exception, playing really played well for Vanderbilt in 2020. After recording 45 tackles and 1.5 sacks in 2019, his sack total jumped to 5.5 to go along with 32 tackles. Odeyingbo would have had more sacks, but the Commodores went 0-8 and were blown out in many games, limiting Odeyingbo’s number of pass-rushing opportunities. Still, team sources said at the end of the season Odeyingbo looked like a top-50 pick for the 2021 NFL Draft thanks to his tremendous skill set. He suffered a torn Achilles in workouts this offseason, however, so his availability for his rookie season in doubt. It is possible Odeyingbo could play in the back half of his rookie year if he doesn’t suffer any setbacks.

    Odeyingbo possesses an excellent skill set for the NFL to develop, including a rare combination of height, length, speed and athleticism. With his long frame and wingspan, Odeyingbo is able to keep blockers away from him and then he uses his speed to close. He is a penetrating presence to get upfield and cause disruption. Beyond being fast, Odeyingbo shows the versatility to be both a pass-rushing defensive end and a dynamic interior rusher. He possesses a solid first-step and a second gear to get upfield, which gives him the quickness to get after the quarterback as a speed rusher.

    Odeyingbo needs to continue to refine his pass-rushing moves, and it would help him to add more functional strength. He has a long frame with room to get bigger and is not tapped out physically. Given his size and skill set, Odeyingbo could fit as a base end in a 4-3 or move inside in a 4-3, and he could also serve as a 3-4 defensive end.

    As a run defender, Odeyingbo is a solid contributor who can get off blocks and chase down backs. He gets in trouble when his technique lapses and he stands up too high. Odeyingbo also has some balance issues that lead to him falling to the ground too much. He is raw and could use development, but the skill set is there for him to be a force at the point of attack.

    Some team sources think Odeyingbo could grow into being an every-down defensive tackle in the NFL. Following his injury, Odeyingbo could go as high as the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft and probably won’t fall lower than the early fourth round. The uncertainty with the Achilles has resulted in the large range, and significant variation, over which teams have rated Odeyingbo.

    Player Comparison: Arik Armstead. Odeyingbo’s skill set is reminiscent of Armstead’s. Armstead (6-7, 290) has a long frame with quickness and athleticism, and if Odeyingbo adds weight as he ages, he could top out around Armstead’s weight and show a similar ability to play inside or outside on the defensive line. If Odeyingbo had better support, development, and circumstances in college, he could have been a first-round pick because he has that type of skill set. I think Odeyingbo could end up as a good pro like Armstead has become for San Francisco.


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