2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Ashtyn Davis

  • Ashtyn Davis, 6-1/195

  • Safety

  • California

  • Ashtyn Davis Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Fast
  • Athletic
  • Has some ball skills
  • Smooth mover in the open field
  • Has the skill set to cover a lot of ground in the back end
  • Should be a special teams contributor
  • Experienced
  • Upside

  • Weaknesses:
  • Thin build
  • Not strong
  • Not physical
  • Finesse player
  • Weak tackler
  • Seems to avoid contact at times
  • Not instinctive as a rangy centerfielder
  • Could be a tackling liability downfield

  • Summary: Some in the media have pushed Davis as a high pick, but multiple team sources say that is too rich to them. They didn’t see a first-rounder on tape, but they do think Davis might rise in the pre-draft process because he could perform well in the workouts and interviews in the leadup to the 2020 NFL Draft. Davis has some athletic upside, but he needs a lot of development for the next level.

    Davis recorded 55 tackles with two interceptions, four passes defended and a forced fumble in 2019. That was similar to his junior year performance, when he totaled 53 stops with four interceptions and five passes broken up. Davis had 33 tackles in his sophomore year and 25 tackles as a freshman.

    In pass defense, Davis need more work for the NFL. He has the speed and athleticism to cover, and those are the two traits that have some projecting him to the early rounds. Davis, however, does not make a ton of plays in coverage and doesn’t seem to have the instincts to be the rangy centerfielder that he needs to be given his body type and lack of strength. Davis has the speed and athleticism to contribute in man coverage, but tight ends will push him around, so he shouldn’t be trusted to defend them down the seam. For the NFL, Davis needs development in pass coverage as well as major work in run defense.

    Davis is a liability as a run defender for the pro game. He missed a ton of tackles for California and seems to avoid contact at times. Davis can cover ground, but in the NFL, he is going to struggle taking on physical backs downfield and it would not be surprising to see Davis get run over regularly. There is no doubt that Davis has to get stronger for the NFL, and that was given further proof at the Senior Bowl, where he checked in at below 200 pounds. He does not have size to function as the eighth man in the box and will have to be a deep defender.

    “I graded [Davis] in the fourth [round] but might move him up to the third [round]. He’s not strong, not physical, and misses a ton of tackles. It looks like he doesn’t have the heart to tackle. On tape, some of the lack of physicality was utterly criminal. He is athletic, but doesn’t make a ton of plays in coverage and is not a rangy instinctive centerfielder. In the NFL, he is going to get run over and run off the map.”

    Davis should start out his pro career as a back free safety and special teams contributor while working hard to gain strength. In time, he could develop into a starting free safety. As a backup-to-starter-potential player, Davis should go no higher than the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but it is possible a team will reach on him earlier than that.

    Player Comparison: Chris Conte. Team sources have compared Davis to Chris Conte. Conte (6-2, 203) and Davis are almost identical in size, with both of them having limitations for the NFL. Conte managed to play eight season, but he was not very good for the Bears and Buccaneers. I could see Davis having a similar career.


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