2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tony Pike

  • Good height; can comfortably see over line
  • Very quick decision-maker
  • Great football intelligence
  • Nice touch on the football; clean spiral
  • Has an adequate sixth sense for pass rush
  • Takes what the defense gives him; doesn’t force throws
  • Solid accuracy down the field
  • Absolutely outstanding timing; throws ball before receiver even gets into break
  • Good character

  • Lacks some bulk in his body frame
  • Extremely weak arm strength
  • Lacks agility and athleticism; can’t evade a pass rush
  • Somewhat of a statue in the pocket
  • Floats deep ball a little too much
  • Not a very good passer on the run
  • Throws difficult routes – but with unimpressive velocity/talent
  • Highly limited skill set
  • Competitiveness hasn’t been tested yet
  • Older than the average prospect (will be a 24-year-old rookie)

    Summary: Pike projects strictly as a career backup in the NFL. He simply doesn’t possess even an average arm to be a starter. Pike can be somewhat reliable since he makes great decisions and is highly intelligent, but he lacks a lot of talent, and you can’t coach talent. I project Pike to come off the board between the third and fifth rounds.

    Player Comparison: Todd Collins. Collins has a weak arm, but is an extremely smart quarterback and a reliable backup.


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