2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Ryan Mathews

  • Strong frame with great bulk
  • Patient runner – lets blocks develop
  • Runs with amazing balance and low center of gravity
  • Physical blocker
  • Doesn’t dance in backfield – hits hole with authority
  • Good straight line speed when given room
  • Great vision – sees open lanes
  • Smart and knows how to read linebackers
  • Punishing stiff arm
  • Extremely productive
  • Can handle 20-plus carries per game

  • Strictly a two-down back
  • Hands of stone – very inconsistent catching the ball
  • Misses blocking assignments
  • Not nearly as athletic in games as measureables suggest
  • Doesn’t break many tackles
  • Lacks elusiveness to make defenders miss in open field
  • Had an extremely good offensive line against inferior competition
  • Durability concerns

    Summary: The hype of Ryan Mathews surrounds two things: junior year production and his triangle numbers (height, weight, 40 time). Once you put on the tape, you just don’t see a very charismatic runner with very good athleticism. He can’t play on third down and this really hurts his value in my opinion. His offensive line absolutely destroyed opponents making Mathews look much better than he is – he picked up big stats and every back looks good when nobody touches you and there are wide running lanes. Mathews will be the second or third back chosen and has a very good chance of going in the first round – maybe as high as No. 20 to Houston.

    Player Comparison: Laurence Maroney. Maroney can’t play on third down and has been inconsistent in the league despite great production in college.


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