NFL Hot Press: Teams Feel Harrison Elite, but Not Calvin or Andre Johnson Caliber

There already has been a ton of acclaim around Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. As the son of a Hall of Famer, Harrison lived up to the hype during a superb career with the Buckeyes. Now that his college career is over and Harrison is off to being a high first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the NFL media hype machine will get even louder. Reporters will say things like he’s the best receiver prospect to enter the league in decades or is one of the best wide receiver prospects in league history.

With Harrison’s college games just ended, it seemed like a good time to see how actual NFL evaluators compare him to other top prospects and receivers. spoke with sources from eight pro teams, and all of them had Harrison graded as a “blue” elite prospect. None of them, however, said he graded out as highly as Calvin Johnson. Some said Andre Johnson graded higher as well.

Here is a breakdown on how some sources viewed Harrison.

AFC Director of Player Personnel: “I think he’s great and a potential elite player, but I don’t he’s as good as Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson. I think Marvin is a bigger, faster CeeDee Lamb type as an athlete.”

NFC Director of Player Personnel: “Marvin has elite caliber ability. Calvin’s length, hands, contested catch were elite. Marvin is more polished coming out of college and is a better route-runner. Andre’s blue traits were size, strength, hands. Marvin’s ball skills are elite, and he has good hands. To me, Marvin’s comp is Tee Higgins. Tee is long, athletic, loose, good hands and ball skills. Marvin is excellent route polish, length, body control, separation, ball skills. They are similar dimensions, Tee is a hair taller and has longer arms. Both are long targets that can separate with athleticism.

AFC General Manager: “Harrison is special, but not like Calvin or Andre. He’s similar to CeeDee Lamb, but stronger, more power, and faster.”

AFC National Scout: “Guys like Calvin are generational. I don’t see Harrison like that, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be one of the top players today. I think the “generational talent” gets thrown around too easily these days.”

AFC National Scout: “To me, Marvin is a faster A.J. Green.”

NFC Director of Player Personnel: “He’s a great prospect, but not as freaky explosive as Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson.”

NFC Director of Player Personnel: “I don’t think you can really compare anyone to Calvin Johnson. They are similar, but Harrison is a better than CeeDee Lamb coming out. Harrison is faster, but doesn’t have the punt return skills CeeDee had.”

NFC Director of College Scouting: “Harrison is a blue player, but I don’t think he is as physically dominant as Andre or Calvin.”