2024 NBA Offseason: Memphis Grizzlies

Updated: 6/5/2024

Free Agents:

Lamar Stevens, UFA

Luke Kennard, TO

Jordan Goodwin, RFA

Jaren Jackson Jr., Eligible

2023-24 Season Overview:

The Grizzlies had no chance given that superstar Ja Morant was suspended for 24 games and soon after returning from his suspension, he was injured. They dealt with a lot of injuries otherwise as well, but Desmond Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr. were excellent when healthy. Memphis also found quite a few keepers with guys like G.G. Jackson, Vince Williams, Santi Aldama and Scotty Pippen Jr., who all gave the team needed help.


Starting three

Starting five


Offseason Goals

The Grizzlies just need to get healthy; they already have an elite young roster. However, they still have to negotiate a max contract with Jaren Jackson Jr., an All-Star and the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. That deal will be expensive, but obviously a young small-market club won’t let a young star leave. The Grizzlies should also try to keep Luke Kennard, who has been the NBA’s No. 1 shooter, in terms of percentage, for quite awhile. They also have one big need, a starting five, because they traded Steven Adams. With the No. 9 pick of the 2024 NBA Draft, Memphis should select 7-foot-2 Connecticut star big Donovan Clingan, who has All-Star talent. The Grizzlies could also really use a scoring guard off the bench, and signing Alec Burks would sense for them. Really, their offsseason should be about developing their Morant-Jaren Jackson-Bane trio, plus who they actually draft at ninth overall.

Potential 2024-25 Roster

PG: Ja Morant, Derrick Rose, Scotty Pippen Jr.

SG: Marcus Smart, Alec Burks, Vince Williams

SF: Desmond Bane, Luke Kennard

PF: Jaren Jackson Jr., Santi Aldama, Brandon Clarke

C: Donovan Clingan, G.G. Jackson

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