2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Oklahoma Thunder

Oklahoma Thunder- Grade: B


  • Cason Wallace
  • Davis Bertans
  • Patty Mills
  • Victor Oladipo
  • Vasilije Micic
  • Keyontae Johnson


  • None

This offseason has been pretty typical for the NBA’s premier general manager, Sam Presti: collecting assets and brilliant young talent. I’m a huge fan of Cason Wallace, who can play the one or two, but to me, he’s perfect next to the Thunder’s starting point guard. With his size, defensive talent and ability to shoot, he’s an excellent fit. I also liked their pick of Keyontae Johnson, who was one of the bigger defensive talents in the draft class. The rest of the offseason has been small moves that provided Oklahoma City with assets, which Presti is the master of. This offseason was boring, but potential all-star big man Chet Holmgren is healthy and is the team’s biggest addition this offseason. The Thunder will win a lot more games than most would assume.


  • Vasilije Micic- Grade: A


  • Patty Mills- Grade: A
  • Victor Oladipo- Grade: A-

Thunder’s 2023 NBA Draft – Grade: C

  • No. 12: Dereck Lively, C, Duke
  • No. 50: Keyontae Johnson, F, Kansas State

It appears that Sam Presti wanted to improve on defense as Wallace, who they traded Lively for, was already one of the elite defenders in this draft and has growing shooting, scoring and playmaking talent. Wallace could be a point guard, but he should be a starter soon and I love the pairing of him with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. In the trade for Wallace, the Thunder were given Davis Bertans, who is an elite shooting forward, so that was a home run. Keyontae Johnson is a three-and-D talent who could play a role defensively for the Thunder and help at least a little offensively. I’m a huge fan of Lively, but Wallace fits them so much more, and although he may not be a star, he will be a strong starter. I think Johnson will make the roster, and Bertans will help. Although Oklahoma City didn’t have my favorite draft, I still like it.