2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers- Grade: A


  • Kobe Brown


  • None

The Clippers had a quietly excellent offseason. They were able to re-sign starting point guard Russell Westbrook for the minimum and Mason Plumlee, a key reserve big, for cheap. Plumlee could have made triple what the Clippers gave him elsewhere. They are basically who they’ve been for awhile; they are contenders, if healthy.


  • Mason Plumlee- Grade: A+
  • Russell Westbrook- Grade: A


  • None

Clippers’ 2023 NBA Draft – Grade: B

  • Pick 30: Kobe Brown, G, Missouri

I lacked Brown in my many mock drafts, but I get why some team would like him in the first round. The senior had an excellent 2023 season, as he was an uber-efficient scorer and shooter. He also showed really solid rebounding and playmaking talent, suggesting a lot of potential as a role player.