2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Offseason- Grade: D


  • Kobe Bufkin
  • Mouhamed Gueye
  • Seth Lundy


  • John Collins
  • Aaron Holiday

This is my first of many of these, but I have a feeling that Atlanta will have one of my lowest offseason grades. The Hawks signed no free agents, put together a draft I felt was middling, and away traded John Collins for scraps. Also, they should be heavily considering moving Trae Young, who will ask for a trade, but there has been zero talk about it. I liked that Atlanta invested in Dejounte Murray, for a bit less than market value too, so if they were to trade away Young, the team would at least have Murray to build around. Although this happened awhile ago, I really like that the Hawks kept Bogdan Bogdanovic. I hate the Collins trade so much though, and really disliked their picks, hence the grade.


  • None


  • John Collins – Grade: F

Hawks’ 2023 NBA Draft – Grade: A

  • No. 15: Kobe Bufkin, G, Michigan
  • No. 39: Muhammad Gueye, C, Washington State
  • No. 46: Seth Lundy, G, Penn State

I disliked Atlanta’s 2023 NBA Draft. Kobe Bufkin is a really talented player, and No. 15 was well within his range, but selecting him tells me that the organization will trade away Trae Young or Dejounte Murray, but there is little talk about it. Regardless, Bufkin is a talented and efficient scorer who is a solid shooter and playmaker, but where he thrives is defensively. I also have trouble understanding picking Muhammad Gueye, as the Hawks were already deep and talented at center. Their third pick is a talented shooter and scorer who should have a bench role, and he is actually my favorite pick they made.