2017 MLB Mock Draft Continued

Last update: Monday, June 12, 2017.
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  1. New York Yankees: Nick Pratto, 1B, High School
    The Yankees supposedly want Pratto, so this is their dream come true. If Pratto doesn’t get here, the Yankees could land a really good college pitcher here who could rise quickly to help them before long. Griffin Canning, David Peterson or Tanner Houck could definitely fit that description. Pratto though has a talented bat with big upside. He seems like a fit for the Yankees.

  2. Seattle Mariners: Evan White, 1B, Kentucky
    The Mariners tends to play it safe in the first round, and White would be a safe pick for them. Seattle is said to be interested in getting a college hitter, and White has been a fast riser with a steady bat. He also has the athleticism to play in the outfield. White is said to have gold glove potential at first base, so he should be a safe pick to rise to Seattle.

    Pick change; previously Griffin Canning, RHP

  3. Detroit Tigers: Trevor Rogers, LHP, High School
    The Tigers are predictable and easy team to mock as they target power pitchers high. The only question is which power pitcher is the guy they want. If Rogers gets to their pick, he easily could be the choice.

  4. San Francisco Giants: Griffin Canning, RHP, UCLA
    The Giants could go best player available and land an intriguing talent like Canning. He has a develop arsenal of pitches and contribute in San Francisco before long.

    Pick change; previously Evan White, 1B

  5. New York Mets: Logan Warmouth, SS, North Carolina
    The Mets are supposedly into college pitchers or bats this year. Warmouth could easily go higher and would be a nice value for New York as he also is strong defensively.

    Pick change; previously Tanner Houck, RHP

  6. Baltimore Orioles: Alex Lange, RHP, LSU
    The Orioles tend to go with a more conservative approach with college players. Lange has a lot of talent and was projected to go high earlier in the year. He still could rise quickly in Baltimore’s system with the ability to help the Orioles’ pitching before long.

    Pick change; previously Keston Kiura, OF/2B

  7. Toronto Blue Jays: Keston Hiura, OF/2B, UC Irvine
    The Blue Jays are also said to be a team that is hoping a quality college bat will make it to their pick. Toronto could look for Hiura or an intriguing hitter/defender like Logan Warmouth. Hiura has been ripping the ball to the tune of a .442 average, and he’s never hit below .330 in college.

    Hiura would be a top-15 pick if it weren’t for an injury that is limiting him to DH this year. Some believe that injury will have to be corrected with Tommy John surgery. I think Hiura could be a massive steal for some team in the back half of the first round.

    Pick change; previously Logan Warmouth, SS

  8. Los Angeles Dodgers: Shane Baz, RHP, High School
    The Dodgers are never afraid of taking a talented prep player with upside. Baz fits that description with his power arm and he could be a nice prospect to groom for Los Angeles. I have him going lower because there are concerns that he has a strong commitment to go to TCU next year.

    Pick change; previously Sam Carlson, RHP

  9. Boston Red Sox: Nick Allen, SS, High School
    The Red Sox gave up a lot of talent in the Chris Sale trade, among other deals, and getting more offensive talent would make sense. Boston appears to have made a big mistake in trading away Yoan Moncada instead of Andrew Benintendi. Allen has a well-developed bat that should help bolster the Boston farm system.

  10. Washington Nationals: Sam Carlson, RHP, High School
    The Nationals gave up a lot of serious arm talent for Adam Eaton, and they could use more young pitchers for their farm system. Carlson could go a lot higher with a power arm.

    Pick change; previously David Peterson, LHP

  11. Texas Rangers: Bubba Thompson, OF, High School
    Thompson is a great tools prospect who easily could go higher, but it seems unlikely the Rangers would pass on him. They love upside players with great skill sets, and Thompson certainly fits that.

  12. Chicago Cubs: Tanner Houck, RHP, Missouri
    The Cubs have tons of young bats to lead them offensively for many years to come. Perhaps they continue to add bats, but it would make sense to bolster their pitching with their pair of first-rounders. There is better pitching talent at this portion of the 2017 MLB Draft, and Houck could be a steal who would rise through their minors quickly.

    Pick change; previously Alex Lange, RHP

  13. Toronto Blue Jays: Nate Pearson, RHP, High School
    Toronto could use more pitching talent for its farm system. Pearson is a talented arm who might get selected higher.

  14. Texas Rangers: Tristen Luz, OF, High School
    The Rangers tend to go with players with high upside and aren’t afraid of being aggressive with a prep player. Luz would fit that bill as he is a very talented high school bat.

  15. Chicago Cubs: Brent Rooker, OF, Mississippi State
    The Cubs have two first-rounders, so I would bet they stay close to their bread-and-butter of how they built their championship team by taking another college player who is a pure hitter. Rooker fits that as he’s hit .404 this year with 21 bombs, 76 RBI, and almost an equal number of walks to strikeouts. He could easily go higher.

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