Potential Eagles-Browns 2020 NFL Draft Trade

If you missed it on our 2020 NFL Draft Rumors page, the Eagles reportedly want to move up for CeeDee Lamb because, as Jeff Tordy of 975 TheFanatic reported, general manager Howie Roseman is “absolutely in love” with Lamb. Meanwhile, Dane Brugler and Ian Rapoport both mentioned that the Browns have interest in trading down because they love Boise State tackle Ezra Cleveland. No. 10 overall would be too early to take Cleveland, but sliding down into the late teens or early 20s would make sense.

With that in mind, a trade between the Eagles and Browns is very logical. For Philadelphia to obtain Lamb, it’ll have to move ahead of the Jets, Raiders and 49ers, all of whom have a good reason to select Lamb. The Jaguars could do so as well, but it’s more likely, in my opinion, that they end up selecting a talented defensive player who falls to them.

So, what would a trade between the Eagles and Browns look like? Here’s a guess:

Eagles acquire No. 10 pick from Browns for No. 21 pick, 2020 2nd-round pick (No. 53), 2020 3rd-round pick (No. 103), 2021 2nd-round pick

Per the NFL Trade Value Chart, the Eagles would have to compensate Cleveland with 500 points because the 10th pick in the draft is worth 1,300 points, while the No. 21 selection is valued at 800 points. Philadelphia’s second-round selection, No. 53, is worth 370 points, so the Eagles would have to make up 430 points elsewhere. Some of that could come via Philadelphia’s third-round choice, No. 103, which is valued at 88 points.

There are 282 points that need to be taken into account, so the Eagles will have to dip into their 2021 pick stockpile. Given that draft choices two drafts in advance are valued slightly less than the upcoming picks, Philadelphia’s 2021 second-round selection could be valued at approximately 282 points.

Not factoring in the prospects involved, I think this is an even trade. However, the Eagles would earn the higher grade because they’d be getting a potential perennial Pro Bowl receiver in CeeDee Lamb. The Browns, conversely, would be passing on elite tackle talent in favor of a prospect some teams have graded on Day 3, per Charlie Campbell’s report in the 2020 NFL Draft Busts list.

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