Christine Brennan on Nick Saban’s Positive Test

When Nick Saban tested positive for the Coronavirus ahead of the game against Auburn, I immediately wondered what Christine Brennan had to say about it. The USA Today “sports” writer has been on a crusade to cancel college football in the wake of the pandemic, in which people have been dying by the 0.00001s.

Brennan is a lunatic who once opined that playing college football in these conditions was worse than Jerry Sandusky raping little boys…

…so she would undoubtedly suggest that the sky was falling in the wake of Saban’s positive test. Perhaps she’d claim that this would be worse than a dozen Sanduskys on the prowl at a Chuck E. Cheese.

To my utter surprise, Brennan had nothing to say about it. Not one thing.

Of course, that’s only because Brennan wrote about Saban’s positive test earlier this year. Saban had a false positive in October, but Brennan didn’t know that when she penned an article and appeared on CNN to discuss it:

As you can see, she got ratioed to hell for it, and for good reason. The SEC has vanquished Fauxvid-19. It has not been an issue in the slightest. Even Saban, who is now actually positive, has very slight symptoms, which is the case for the 20 percent of people who even have symptoms, save for those who are either very old or very sick.

I had to check all of Brennan’s replies, and they were hilarious. It was great to see how much people despised Brennan and her lunatic conspiracy theories. Because Brennan has written nothing about Saban’s real positive test, I’m going to show you my favorite responses to America’s worst “sports” writer:

I think what Johnson Ag Group posted is very telling. Brennan wanted Saban to test positive so badly that she jumped the gun on the story before confirming it. How sick of a human being do you have to be to want someone to test positive for a virus, even if it’s not very serious? It’s the same sort of disgusting thought process that leads you to trivialize child rape when comparing it to college football games being played amid an outbreak of a cold variant.

Brennan apparently went on a blocking crusade on this thread, shielding herself from everyone who criticized her.

Who the hell blocks people? Seriously, unless you’re a 12-year-old girl, why even have the energy to block anyone? It’s so childish. Then again, Brennan has the mind of a simpleton, so perhaps I can’t blame her for acting this way.

Here’s proof of someone being blocked, if you needed it.

Craig Medeiros made a good point, too. All blue-check writers like Brennan do is write about negative things. She wouldn’t ever pen anything positive, like the very small number of hospitalizations there have been among college athletes. And yet, this so-called pandemic is worse than Sandusky. OK.

I’m glad to see other people feel the same way!

All good points. Why is Brennan even writing about college football if she hates it so much? Then again, people who are miserable like her hate everything, so she couldn’t possibly write about anything and be happy about it.

Apparently, Brennan took some of those replies to heart despite the mass blocks. Ever since this post, she has not written a single thing about college football. She has focused on golf instead.

We did it. We broke Christine Brennan’s brain. I thought I was going to be on this mission by myself, but let’s thank our incredible compatriots on Twitter for aiding us in this task.

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