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Posted June 18, 2009

Detailed 2008 NFL Stats Explanation

I have received several e-mails from people wanting me to support my 2008 Detailed NFL Stats with evidence of how I came to those numbers.

Here are my formulas for each statistics. I used for the basic stats to get my advanced stats.

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Offensive Yards Per Play: Total Offensive Yards / (Passing Attempts + Rushing Attempts)

Rushing Touchdown Percentage: Rushing Touchdowns / Rushing Attempts

Offensive Sack Rate: Total Sacks Given Up / (Passing Attempts + Total Sacks Given Up)

Fumble Rate: Fumbles / Total Rushing Attempts

Offensive Turnover Rate: Total Turnovers / Total Offensive Plays

Defensive Yards Per Play: Defensive Yards Allowed / (Opponent Passing Attempts + Opponent Rushing Attempts)

Defensive Rushing Touchdown Rate: Rushing TDs Allowed / Opponent Rushing Attempts

Defensive Interception Rate: Interceptions / (Opponent Passing Attempts)

Defensive Passing Touchdown Rate: Passing Touchdowns Allowed / Opponent Passing Attempts

Defensive Sack Rate: Sacks / (Opponent Passing Attempts + Sacks)

Defensive Turnover Rate: Total Turnovers / Total Defensive Plays

I hope this cleared up some of your questions and feel free to cross check my statistics. I think the television NFL analyst community does not do a good job of getting the most accurate statistics possible to its audience. In my opinion, breaking down statistics per play is the best way to eliminate as many variables as possible when doing research.

Go here to view my 2008 Detailed Offensive NFL Stats or here to see my 2008 Detailed Defensive NFL Stats.

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