2010 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks - 21-40 <br> By Steve Strange

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By Steve Strange. Steve Strange, a graduate of Penn State's Center for Sports Journalism in 2006, is currently writing Fantasy is Reality, a book geared around the commissioner aspect of fantasy sports. Steve has been playing fantasy sports of all sorts and sizes since 1997. Feel free to e-mail Steve questions and comments at tater_872003@yahoo.com.

These 2010 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings will be updated often throughout the summer, so make sure you check back from time to time. Also, be sure to check out the other 2010 Fantasy Football articles, which will include sleepers, busts, tons of 2010 Fantasy Football mock drafts and other material.

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  1. David Garrard, QB, Jaguars. Bye: 9.
    You know exactly what you are going to get with David Garrard. He doesn't do bad enough to hurt you, or good enough to help you.

    What to Like: Garrard is entrenched as the starting quarterback for the Jaguars. He throws for decent yardage, and records more touchdowns than picks. His 236-pound frame makes him a good source of rushing touchdowns.

    Concern: It's the Maurice Jones-Drew show in Jacksonville. All fantasy roads go through him.

    X-Factor: Garrard fumbled the ball nine times last season. Take this into account if your league deducts points for fumbles.

    Garrard's numbers are pretty good for a fantasy backup. Garrard faces some potentially weak pass defenses during the bye week portion of the fantasy football season. His consistency makes him a valuable bye week fill-in.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 3,300 passing yards. 13 passing TDs. 10 INTs. 200 rushing yards. 2 rushing TDs.

  2. Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions. Bye: 7.
    Stafford finished his rookie season with a bad left shoulder and a worse stat line. Stafford survived, and enters 2010 with some battlefield experience and an upgraded offense.

    What to Like: Stafford showed a lot of grit in carrying his team, and his shoulder, to a last second touchdown 38-37 victory over Cleveland last November. Stafford threw for 422 yards and five touchdowns. Anybody capable of that kind of week has fantasy value.

    Concern: Stafford threw 13 touchdowns and 20 interceptions last season.

    X-Factor: Stafford has some new and developing fantasy threats to work with. Two proven fantasy contributors, wide receiver Nate Burleson and tight end Tony Scheffler, join the talent flow of WR Calvin "Megatron" Johnson and tight end Brandon Pettigrew. Explosive RB burner Jahvid Best was also added in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. The Lions offense has explosion potential.

    Stafford's upside makes him a solid QB2 option.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,900 passing yards. 19 passing TDs. 14 INTs. 150 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.

  3. Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seahawks. Bye: 5.
    Remember when Matt Hasselbeck single-handedly fought the Steelers in Super Bowl XL? Well, that was five years ago. Still, the 34-year-old should be able to muster one more solid fantasy season.

    What to Like: Pete Carroll is tweeting life back into the Seahawks organization. Gone are the Jim Mora Jr.-Greg Knapp days of three yards and a cloud of sleep. Maybe Carroll can infuse some energy back into Hasselbeck and company.

    Concern: Hasselbeck is old and injury prone, and wasn't a fantasy stud even in his prime. He's never had a 30-touchdown season.

    X-Factor: The Seahawks were willing to give up 20 draft spots and a third rounder for QB Charlie Whitehurst. Obviously they like him.

    After you take your QB1 check your starter's bye week. If Hasselbeck plays one of those soft NFC West pass defenses during the QB1's bye, go ahead and draft him.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 3,200 passing yards. 20 passing TDs. 18 INTs. 70 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  4. Chad Henne, QB, Dolphins. Bye: 5.
    The Dolphins offense is better when Henne's not on the field, or at least not behind center. Miami is most effective when Ronnie Brown is firing through holes and throwing floaters in the wildcat.

    What to Like: Henne threw for more than 300 yards in three of his final five games in 2009.

    Concern: Henne had 12 touchdowns to 14 interceptions in 14 games (13 starts) last season. He only threw for two touchdowns in a game twice, and has never thrown three touchdowns in a game.

    X-Factor: Ultra-talented WR Brandon Marshall has transformed mediocre quarterbacks into solid fantasy options in the past (see Kyle Orton in 2009). If Marshall can stay healthy and happy, Henne will be a solid QB2.

    Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and Pat White will all steal snaps from center. Henne's upside is limited thanks to the success of the Wildcat.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 3,300 passing yards. 14 passing TDs. 13 INTs. 10 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  5. Matt Leinart, QB, Cardinals. Bye: 6.
    Matt Leinart had a really hard time beating lifetime NFL reserve Brian St. Pierre for the Cards' backup QB job last year. With Kurt Warner finally stepping away from the game to do good things for Earth, Leinart will have to beat our former Browns starter Derek Anderson (who has actually had success at the professional level).

    What to Like: Leinart is a former first-round draft pick who looked good as a rookie in 2006. He's throwing to arguably the best receiver in the NFL in Larry Fitzgerald.

    Concern: In four NFL seasons Leinart has thrown 14 touchdowns to 20 interceptions. He's never put together a good NFL season.

    X-Factor: Anquan Boldin is finally out of Arizona. The combination of Fitzgerald and Boldin was unstoppable. Fitzgerald, by himself, can be stopped.

    Warner never seems too impressed with Leinart when asked about him in interviews. If Leinart is ever going to live up to his USC hype, it has to be now. Try to keep a close eye on Leinart in the weeks leading up to your fantasy draft. If Leinart's going good, he's a solid QB2.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,800 passing yards. 16 passing TDs. 16 INTs. 100 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.

  6. Kyle Orton, QB, Broncos. Bye: 9.
    Not the best offseason for Kyle Orton. The Broncos traded with Cleveland for Brady Quinn, and drafted Tim Tebow. Stud receiving malcontent Brandon Marshall is now in Miami. Orton enters the 2010 season with red laser dots circling around him.

    What to Like: Nobody can take Orton's 3,802 passing yards in 2009 away from him. He had to earn some trust with Coach Josh McDaniels last season. Orton enters 2010 as the Broncos starting quarterback.

    Concern: The Broncos receivers redefine the word "subpar."

    X-Factor: Knowshon Moreno caught 28 balls for 213 yards and two touchdowns in his rookie 2009 season. If Moreno continues to morph into the fantasy machine most expect, Orton could dump pass his way to some fantasy points.

    Orton's a survivor you cannot count out, but the odds are against him entering 2010. I don't think he's going to make it through the season.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,600 passing yards. 15 passing TDs. 13 INTs. 70 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  7. Josh Freeman, QB, Buccaneers. Bye: 4.
    Freeman is young and unproven, but he looks like Steve DeBerg next to Buccaneer quarterbacks Josh Johnson, JeVan Snead, and Rudy Carpenter.

    What to Like: Freeman racked up 160 yards rushing over 10 games last season. He has young legs, and needs to use them.

    Concern: I know 2009 was Freeman's rookie season, but his TD-INT ratio of 10-18 is alarming.

    X-Factor: Can tight end Kellen Winslow go a few weeks without an injury or rant? Winslow's a big-time talent who could be a great safety valve for Freeman.

    Freeman showed some promise as a rookie, but was not overly impressive. He is the Buccaneers' starting quarterback, though. Keep an eye on him in the preseason.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,600 passing yards. 15 passing TDs. 18 INTs. 200 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  8. Byron Leftwich, QB, Steelers. Bye: 5.
    The likely scenario is that Leftwich starts the first four games and goes to the bench. Everyone below Leftwich on this list has little chance to have a fantasy impact this season. Why not take a flier on Leftwich in the last few rounds of your draft, and hope he starts hot and stays the starter? There would be tremendous pressure in Pittsburgh to leave Leftwich in if the Steelers started the season 3-1 or 4-0. Worst case scenario: You get four quality starts before Leftwich goes to the bench.

    What to Like: Leftwich played great in relief of an injured Roethlisberger in a Steelers Monday Night Football win over the Redskins in 2008. He's familiar with the system.

    Concern: Leftwich has played in 17 games over the last four seasons. He has durability and consistency issues.

    X-Factor: The owners - the Rooney's - want to get back to Steelers football: running, defense, blue-collar stuff. The Steelers will not be the fun-and-gun team they morphed into in 2009.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 1,000 passing yards. 9 passing TDs. 4 INTs. 10 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.

  9. Jason Campbell, QB, Raiders. Bye: 10.
    Something tells me Jason Campbell is not the answer in Oakland.

    What to Like: Campbell's numbers have steadily improved in four NFL seasons.

    Concern: After four years, most of us have seen enough of Campbell. He just doesn't seem to have "it."

    X-Factor: Campbell's fresh start could be his last chance to be a starter in the NFL. Campbell will be fueled with revenge and desperation.

    Oakland is where NFL careers go to die.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,400 passing yards. 13 passing TDs. 12 INTs. 200 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.

  10. Sam Bradford, QB, Rams. Bye: 9.
    Sam Bradford is a stud in a dynasty format. Annual leagues will probably have to wait through a season of rookie growing pains.

    What to Like: Bradford is supposed to be the next great NFL quarterback.

    Concern: He's a rookie quarterback on a bad team.

    X-Factor: Bradford is yet to be named the official starter, but it should be a formality.

    All of the Rams' fantasy success should go through Steven Jackson on the ground. Bradford will shine occasionally.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,500 passing yards. 14 passing TDs. 17 INTs. 50 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  11. Michael Vick, QB, Eagles. Bye: 8.
    Vick is currently scheduled to spearhead the Eagles Wildcat, and nothing more. The bottom line is that Kevin Kolb is unproven. If Vick is given the opportunity to run the Eagles dink, dunk and chunk offense, he could explode.

    What to Like: It's important to remember that Vick is only 29 years old. He also spent some time in the pen, limiting Sunday wear and tear while increasing workouts in the yard.

    Concern: Kevin Kolb is the unquestioned starter as of June 6, 2010.

    X-Factor: Vick's last full season at quarterback (2006) he had 1,039 yards rushing. Getting double points from the quarterback spot is pretty cool.

    It is real simple: Vick needs to get on the field. He won't be able to Wildcat his way to fantasy worth. If Kolb struggles in the preseason, and Vick shines, why not take a flier?

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 250 passing yards. 3 passing TDs. 0 INTs. 220 rushing yards. 4 rushing TDs.

  12. Matt Moore, QB, Panthers. Bye: 6.
    Moore finished 2009 strong, and he's the Panthers starting quarterback.

    What to Like: In Moore's final four games of 2009 he threw for eight touchdowns and had no interceptions.

    Concern: Moore has had one good December of football, and not much else.

    X-Factor: The Panthers still have Steve Smith, who made Jake Delhomme look better than he actually was for a long time.

    The Panthers didn't just draft Jimmy Clausen in the second round. They also took Cincinnati's Tony Pike in the sixth. Usually drafting two high-profile rookie quarterbacks is not a great endorsement for the incumbent.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,350 passing yards. 16 passing TDs. 16 INTs. 0 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  13. Derek Anderson, QB, Cardinals. Bye: 6.
    Talk about Anderson and watch positives and negatives ping-pong off the walls. He had a great 2007, horrible 2009, and is a playing for a new, possibly transformed, offense.

    What to Like: Anderson has done it before. In 2007 he threw for 3,787 yards, and had 29 touchdowns. He's only 26 years old.

    Concern: Anderson threw for three touchdowns to 10 interceptions in 2009. He's been bad the last two years.

    X-Factor: Anderson's not the current starter. Matt Leinart is about as unreliable as it comes, though. Anderson's upside makes him worth a look late in your fantasy draft.

    Like all potential quarterback controversies, it's all about the preseason. The worse Leinart looks, the more Anderson's value rises.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 500 passing yards. 4 passing TDs. 2 INTs. 10 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.

  14. Jake Delhomme, QB, Panthers. Bye: 8.
    The 35-year-old seems to have squeezed his talent dry. Still, the gritty veteran has been proving critics wrong his entire career.

    What to Like: Outside of the 2004 season, Delhomme was a never fantasy stud even in his prime. But he was solid until last year. Is it possible that 2009 was just an isolated horrible season?

    Concern: John Elway might have trouble igniting the Browns playmakers.

    X-Factor: Jerome Harrison is the team's most explosive option. They also drafted a running back (Tennessee's Montario Hardesty) and traded for another (Peyton Hillis from Denver). Mangenius loves old-school grind football.

    The Browns will probably run the ball at an embarrassing rate. Even if Delhomme forces out one more solid season, his fantasy ceiling is only a few feet off the ground.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 2,000 passing yards. 8 passing TDs. 14 INTs. 20 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  15. Tim Tebow, QB, Broncos. Bye: 9.
    Todd McShay and Ron Jaworski claimed that hard work doesn't matter in the NFL on Day 3 of this year's draft. Those idiots tried to say everyone works hard in the NFL. Yeah, OK. Talent plays a part in success, but so does effort. Tim Tebow has a lot of both.

    What to Like: Tebow is the ultimate leader, teammate and person. He's the type of player you want on your side.

    Concern: Tebow will have to outplay Brady Quinn and die-hard Kyle Orton to win the Job.

    X-Factor: Tebow will be racking up yards in the wildcat no matter what. Even if taking over the quarterbacking gig takes some time, Tebow can chip in with some fantasy points while in development.

    Tim Tebow is a warrior of God.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 1,000 passing yards. 6 passing TDs. 5 INTs. 450 rushing yards. 7 rushing TDs.

  16. Charlie Whitehurst, QB, Seahawks. Bye: 5.
    Considering Matt Hasselbeck's age and injury history, Whitehurst stands a chance to see action.

    What to Like: Pete Carroll swapped 20 spots in the second round and gave a third-rounder to San Diego for Whitehurst. Carroll, who guided Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez to great college careers, certainly has an eye for quarterbacks.

    Concern: Whitehurst has never attempted an NFL pass in four seasons.

    X-Factor: At 32 years old, T.J. Houshmandzadeh is still the big time fantasy stud he always was, or 2009 was the beginning of the end. If Whitehurst does see action, he needs the T.J. of 2007.

    Whitehurst isn't the starter, and there's question marks hovering over Seattle's offense anyway.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 400 passing yards. 2 passing TDs. 2 INTs. 50 rushing yards. 0 rushing TD.

  17. Brian Brohm, QB, Bills. Bye: 6.
    The Bills quarterback job appears to be wide open. The sample sizes of Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick are large enough. You know what you're going to get from those two, which isn't much. At least we don't know much about Brohm, which is a positive at this point on the list.

    What to Like: He's a former second-round pick who used to light up scoreboards as a Louisville Cardinal.

    Concern: As an NFL football player, Brohm got cut by the Packers, and threw a few interceptions last year. And that's about it.

    X-Factor: The Bills drafted C.J. Spiller, and Chan Gailey loves to run the ball. The Bills QB slot won't be a source of fantasy points.

    If you're drafting quarterbacks this deep on the list, your league is configured incorrectly.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 1,200 passing yards. 8 passing TDs. 7 INTs. 100 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  18. Seneca Wallace, QB, Browns. Bye: 8.
    Wallace has been stuck in spot duty behind Matt Hasselbeck for the last five seasons.

    What to Like: In 2008, Wallace appeared in 10 games, throwing 11 touchdowns to only three interceptions.

    Concern: Wallace has never proven he can carry the load as a full-time gunslinger in the NFL.

    X-Factor: Despite Wallace's flexibility and mobility, he doesn't rack up yards on the ground. He had two rushing yards in 13 games last season. He only has one career rushing touchdown.

    Wallace has to overcome a determined vet in Jake Delhomme, a team void of playmakers, and a scheme and roster designed to run the football.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 600 passing yards. 4 passing TDs. 6 INTs. 20 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

  19. Trent Edwards, QB, Bills. Bye: 10.
    Edwards is a quarterback who has been average at best on a team with little upside.

    What to Like: Edwards is only 26 years old, but this might be the final legitimate chance he gets.

    Concern: When looking at his stats and watching Bills games, Edwards appears to be nothing more than a mediocre quarterback.

    X-Factor: After Lee Evans, the Bills receiving options are a bunch of new names and no-names.

    Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm appear to be in a pretty close race to be huddle leader.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 1,200 passing yards. 6 passing TDs. 8 INTs. 110 rushing yards. 1 rushing TD.

  20. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Panthers. Bye: 6 .
    Clausen did not come off well in those Jon Gruden Quarterback Camp Sportscenter Specials leading up to the draft, and I really believe that hurt him. From projected top 10 to 48th overall? Boy did that guy plummet.

    What to Like: Clausen ended up in a good situation. The Panthers have some strong playmakers, but are weak at quarterback.

    Concern: Limo rides did not translate into bowl victories at Notre Dame. Clausen can come across as more hype than substance.

    X-Factor: John Fox is on the hot seat. He does not have time to let Clausen learn through his mistakes.

    The final verdict on Clausen is a long way away. I'm guessing Matt Moore fends him off for a while.

    Projected 2010 Fantasy Stats: 450 passing yards. 2 passing TDs. 4 INTs. 40 rushing yards. 0 rushing TDs.

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