2010 Fantasy Football Draft: Pros vs. Joes Draft

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July 28, 2010.

This is a real fantasy draft. It was conducted on July 27, 2010.

A few Web sites, including this one, were invited to participate in the Pros vs. Joes Challenge - a series of leagues that combined "regular Joes" with "Pros" (i.e. owners of fantasy football Web sites).

A few things to note about this league:

1) PPR scoring system (1.5 points for tight ends)

2) 26-man roster, starting 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF.

3) No lineups; only the top QB, top 2 RBs; top 2 WRs; top 2 flexes etc. are counted from each roster every week. For example, if you have three quarterbacks, only the top-scoring quarterback counts each week. Thus, it's important to have multiple quarterbacks, tight ends, kickers and defenses; you can't pick one up during the season.

Here are the results with commentary below each round.

Also, be sure to check out my other 2010 Fantasy Football articles, which will include rankings, sleepers, busts, cheat sheets and other things.


(1) Dynasty League Football - Chris Johnson RB
(2) The Chef - Adrian Peterson RB
(3) 4for4.com - Ray Rice RB
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Andre Johnson WR
(6) Guinness Stingers - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(7) DraftSharks.com - Randy Moss WR
(8) Rochester Rams - Steven Jackson RB
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Frank Gore RB
(10) White Razors - Dallas Clark TE
(11) WalterFootball.com - Calvin Johnson WR
(12) Azzurri - Antonio Gates TE


(1) Azzurri - Miles Austin WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Jamaal Charles RB
(3) White Razors - Roddy White WR
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Reggie Wayne WR
(5) Rochester Rams - Michael Turner RB
(6) DraftSharks.com - Jason Witten TE
(7) Guinness Stingers - DeAngelo Williams RB
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Ryan Mathews RB
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Brandon Marshall WR
(10) 4for4.com - Vernon Davis TE
(11) The Chef - Greg Jennings WR
(12) Dynasty League Football - DeSean Jackson WR

MY PICKS: Before we get to that...

WORST PICKS: Something should stick out to you. Two tight ends were taken in the first round. Two more in the second round. Tight ends score 1.5 points per reception, but that just means that all tight ends score more. I agree that tight ends should be targeted earlier, but I was thinking more of Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates in Round 3; not the end of Round 1.

Hey, maybe I'm completely wrong about this, but I really didn't understand why there was such an early run on tight ends. If kickers were awarded five points per field goals instead of three, would people start taking them around Round 6-7? I don't think so.

MY PICKS: I like Miles Austin-Jones better in a PPR league than Calvin Johnson, but I thought I'd be able to get Austin in Round 2. Unfortunately, Azzurri made a great pick. I still like Jamaal Charles in Round 2 though.

BEST PICKS: No idea how Frank Gore falls to No. 9 of a PPR. I also liked Michael Turner in the middle of Round 2; he doesn't catch any passes, but all of his touchdowns will make up for it.


(1) Dynasty League Football - Ryan Grant RB
(2) The Chef - Sidney Rice WR
(3) 4for4.com - Tony Gonzalez TE
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Rashard Mendenhall RB
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Aaron Rodgers QB
(6) Guinness Stingers - Marques Colston WR
(7) DraftSharks.com - Jermichael Finley TE
(8) Rochester Rams - Brent Celek TE
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Chad Ochocinco WR
(10) White Razors - Chris Wells RB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Shonn Greene RB
(12) Azzurri - Knowshon Moreno RB


(1) Azzurri - Drew Brees QB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Steve Smith WR (Panthers)
(3) White Razors - Hakeem Nicks WR
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Matt Forte RB
(5) Rochester Rams - Pierre Thomas RB
(6) DraftSharks.com - Joseph Addai RB
(7) Guinness Stingers - Peyton Manning QB
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - LeSean McCoy RB
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Jonathan Stewart RB
(10) 4for4.com - Steve Smith WR (Giants)
(11) The Chef - Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(12) Dynasty League Football - Cedric Benson RB

MY PICKS: Umm... yeah...

WORST PICKS: I feel like I was invited to a costume party, and when I showed up with an awesome costume on, I realized that it wasn't a costume party after all.

What is going on with these tight ends? Old a** Tony Gonzalez and Brent Celek in Round 3? Did I step into some alternate universe where tight ends score five billion points every time they're on the field?

MY PICKS: Loooove Shonn Greene - especially in the bottom of Round 3. What I said about Michael Turner applies to Greene. And the way things are going, Steve Smith of the Panthers is going to be on all of my teams this year. He's going to have a bounce-back season now that Jake Delhomme has been exiled.

BEST PICKS: Ryan Grant sticks out in Round 3. That was a nice selection. Even better is getting Peyton Manning in the middle of Round 4.


(1) Dynasty League Football - Tom Brady QB
(2) The Chef - Anquan Boldin WR
(3) 4for4.com - Kellen Winslow Jr. TE
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Hines Ward WR
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Felix Jones RB
(6) Guinness Stingers - Dwayne Bowe WR
(7) DraftSharks.com - Reggie Bush RB
(8) Rochester Rams - Michael Crabtree WR
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Tony Romo QB
(10) White Razors - Jahvid Best RB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Ben Tate RB
(12) Azzurri - Zach Miller TE


(1) Azzurri - Mike Sims-Walker WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Ronnie Brown RB
(3) White Razors - Owen Daniels TE
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Wes Welker WR
(5) Rochester Rams - Chris Cooley TE
(6) DraftSharks.com - Jeremy Maclin WR
(7) Guinness Stingers - Visanthe Shiancoe TE
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Percy Harvin WR
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Heath Miller TE
(10) 4for4.com - Ricky Williams RB
(11) The Chef - Pierre Garcon WR
(12) Dynasty League Football - Vincent Jackson WR

MY PICKS: I had my eye on Felix Jones and Jahvid Best at the end of Round 5. Jerks snatched them off the board. Blah. As for Ronnie Brown, I think he's great for a league like this. He won't play every week, but he won't have to. When he's in the lineup he'll be a factor for me because of the highest-scoring player aspect of the league.

BEST PICKS: I have to give some dap to the two Web site owners who stole Jones and Best away from me. Also, Ricky Williams serves the same function for 4for4 as Brown does for me.

WORST PICKS: Taking tight ends early is one thing. Going with a guy with six knee surgeries in the past five years (Kellen Winslow Jr.) in Round 5, and a player coming off a torn ACL (Owen Daniels) in Round 6 is another. And Winslow is that owner's THIRD tight end! I'm really starting to think I'm missing something here. Do you get laid by super models for taking tight ends early and often? If so, can we redo this draft?


(1) Dynasty League Football - Mike Wallace WR
(2) The Chef - Matt Schaub QB
(3) 4for4.com - T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Philip Rivers QB
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - John Carlson TE
(6) Guinness Stingers - Malcom Floyd WR
(7) DraftSharks.com - Brett Favre QB
(8) Rochester Rams - Marion Barber RB
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Greg Olsen TE
(10) White Razors - Jay Cutler QB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Joe Flacco QB
(12) Azzurri - Justin Forsett RB


(1) Azzurri - Brandon Jacobs RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Kevin Kolb QB
(3) White Razors - Johnny Knox WR
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Clinton Portis RB
(5) Rochester Rams - Thomas Jones RB
(6) DraftSharks.com - Eli Manning QB
(7) Guinness Stingers - Michael Bush RB
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Santana Moss WR
(9) Rex Kwon Do - C.J. Spiller RB
(10) 4for4.com - Carson Palmer QB
(11) The Chef - Darren McFadden RB
(12) Dynasty League Football - Dustin Keller TE

MY PICKS: I doubled up on quarterbacks. I like the prospect of getting the best performance between Joe Flacco and Kevin Kolb each week. Unfortunately, I later realized that they have the same bye week. D'oh!

BEST PICKS: I was jealous that The Chef was able to land Matt Schaub early in Round 7. I was hoping he'd drop to me. I really liked Michael Bush and Santana Moss in Round 8 as well.

WORST PICKS: Drafting T.J. Houshmandzadeh (especially as early as Round 7) is like taking a super fat chick to the prom without even asking any of the hot or semi-hot girls. Why settle for a fat broad when you can do better?

If the Houshmandzadeh-fat chick analogy works, I guess picking Thomas Jones is like taking your grandmom to the prom?


(1) Dynasty League Football - Dez Bryant WR
(2) The Chef - Chester Taylor RB
(3) 4for4.com - Tim Hightower RB
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Jabar Gaffney WR
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Fred Jackson RB
(6) Guinness Stingers - Robert Meachem WR
(7) DraftSharks.com - Jerome Harrison RB
(8) Rochester Rams - Santonio Holmes WR
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(10) White Razors - Montario Hardesty RB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Lee Evans WR
(12) Azzurri - Devin Hester WR


(1) Azzurri - Cadillac Williams RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Donald Brown RB
(3) White Razors - Julian Edelman WR
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Donald Driver WR
(5) Rochester Rams - Chaz Schilens WR
(6) DraftSharks.com - Darren Sproles RB
(7) Guinness Stingers - Devin Aromashodu WR
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Terrell Owens WR
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Derrick Mason WR
(10) 4for4.com - Steve Slaton RB
(11) The Chef - Donovan McNabb QB
(12) Dynasty League Football - Matt Ryan QB

MY PICKS: I was REALLY hoping for Robert Meachem because as a feast-or-famine type of player, he's great for a format like this. Unfortunately someone else had similar thoughts, so I settled for Lee Evans as my best wideout available.

I really like Donald Brown in Round 10. Brown is more talented than Joseph Addai and certainly has a legitimate chance to win the starting job in Indianapolis.

BEST PICKS: Meachem, obviously. I also had my eye on Dez Bryant. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan and Donovan McNabb were steals at the bottom of Round 10. Makes me re-think the whole Flacco-Kolb strategy.

WORST PICKS: The only pick I disliked in these two rounds was Tim Hightower. Not that I hate Hightower; I just felt like there were better backs available at the time.


(1) Dynasty League Football - Kenny Britt WR
(2) The Chef - Devin Thomas WR
(3) 4for4.com - Austin Collie WR
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Jeremy Shockey TE
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Ben Roethlisberger QB
(6) Guinness Stingers - Matt Cassel QB
(7) DraftSharks.com - Jerricho Cotchery WR
(8) Rochester Rams - Alex Smith QB
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Chad Henne QB
(10) White Razors - Mario Manningham WR
(11) WalterFootball.com - Anthony Gonzalez WR
(12) Azzurri - Matthew Stafford QB


(1) Azzurri - Braylon Edwards WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Kevin Boss TE
(3) White Razors - David Garrard QB
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Jermaine Gresham TE
(5) Rochester Rams - Fred Davis TE
(6) DraftSharks.com - Vince Young QB
(7) Guinness Stingers - Tony Scheffler TE
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Todd Heap TE
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Steve Breaston WR
(10) 4for4.com - Matt Leinart QB
(11) The Chef - David Thomas TE
(12) Dynasty League Football - Jets Defense

MY PICKS: My starting tight end is Kevin Boss. My strategy of waiting on tight ends has failed! Arrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

BEST PICKS: I'm really starting to warm up to Jerricho Cotchery. Read my 2010 Fantasy Football: Training Camp Stock for more.

WORST PICKS: A lot of mediocre quarterbacks and tight ends drafted here. I understand that the format of this league warrants that, but it's still disturbing to see. Like I don't think I would have considered Matt Leinart down in Round 20.


(1) Dynasty League Football - Vikings Defense
(2) The Chef - Nate Burleson WR
(3) 4for4.com - Laurence Maroney RB
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Ravens Defense
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Willis McGahee RB
(6) Guinness Stingers - Arian Foster RB
(7) DraftSharks.com - Leon Washington RB
(8) Rochester Rams - Lance Moore WR
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Kevin Smith RB
(10) White Razors - Jason Campbell QB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Demaryius Thomas WR
(12) Azzurri - Eddie Royal WR


(1) Azzurri - Tashard Choice RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Mark Sanchez QB
(3) White Razors - Mike Bell RB
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Mohamed Massaquoi WR
(5) Rochester Rams - Arrelious Benn WR
(6) DraftSharks.com - Lynell Hamilton RB
(7) Guinness Stingers - Eagles Defense
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Cowboys Defense
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Matt Hasselbeck QB
(10) 4for4.com - Packers Defense
(11) The Chef - Bo Scaife TE
(12) Dynasty League Football - Marshawn Lynch RB

MY PICKS: Who the hell knows what Josh McDaniels is going to do? No one - not even Mishandles himself. So, I figure Demaryius Thomas could be totally awesome or a complete dud.

The Mark Sanchez pick was to compensate for my previous error with Flacco and Kolb's bye week.

BEST PICKS: I was really hoping for Willis McGahee. He's great for a league like this. I was also mad that The Chef took Bo Scaife because he tends to get a decent amount of receptions.

WORST PICKS: Arrelious Benn before Mike Williams? Readers of the Pewter Report would disagree.

Also, question about Rex Kwon Do's Round 14 pick - does that selection come with Matt Hasselbeck's walker, or will he have to use a 22nd-round pick on that?


(1) Dynasty League Football - Roy Williams WR
(2) The Chef - Ben Watson TE
(3) 4for4.com - 49ers Defense
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Correll Buckhalter RB
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Mike Thomas WR
(6) Guinness Stingers - Saints Defense
(7) DraftSharks.com - Chris Chambers WR
(8) Rochester Rams - Derrick Ward RB
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Steelers Defense
(10) White Razors - Bernard Scott RB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Aaron Hernandez TE
(12) Azzurri - Javon Ringer RB


(1) Azzurri - Josh Freeman QB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Tony Moeaki TE
(3) White Razors - James Jones WR
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Rob Gronkowski TE
(5) Rochester Rams - Kyle Orton QB
(6) DraftSharks.com - Michael Jenkins WR
(7) Guinness Stingers - Larry Johnson RB
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Donnie Avery WR
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Toby Gerhart RB
(10) 4for4.com - Devery Henderson WR
(11) The Chef - Garrett Hartley K
(12) Dynasty League Football - Laurent Robinson WR

REST OF DRAFT: I'm not going to analyze the draft from Round 17 on seeing as how the likes of Anthony Fasano, Zach Miller (Jaguars), Jordy Nelson and Brandon Jackson were taken. It's all a crap shoot from here if the picks weren't spent on kickers or defenses.

MY PICKS: My draft has officially gone in the crapper. I don't want Aaron Hernandez or Tony Moeaki, but they're my best tight ends available, and I need them to possibly outscore the mediocre Kevin Boss.

BEST PICKS: I kind of like Javon Ringer as a long shot in Round 15. Chris Johnson is probably going to get injured this year because of all the touches he had in 2009, so if he goes down, Ringer will be a great fantasy performer. I really liked Laurent Robinson at the end of Round 16.

WORST PICKS: A kicker in Round 16 of a 26-round draft? What's next, two tight ends in Round 1? Oh, wait...


(1) Dynasty League Football - Anthony Fasano TE
(2) The Chef - Chargers Defense
(3) 4for4.com - Davone Bess WR
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Brandon Pettigrew TE
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Jared Cook TE
(6) Guinness Stingers - Jordy Nelson, WR
(7) DraftSharks.com - Nate Kaeding K
(8) Rochester Rams - Giants Defense
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Sam Bradford QB
(10) White Razors - Sammy Morris RB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Zach Miller TE (Jaguars)
(12) Azzurri - Dolphins Defense


(1) Azzurri - Kevin Faulk RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Bengals Defense
(3) White Razors - Dexter McCluster WR
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Legedu Naanee
(5) Rochester Rams - Matt Moore QB
(6) DraftSharks.com - Buccaneers Defense
(7) Guinness Stingers - Jacoby Jones WR
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Bears Defense
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Tim Tebow QB
(10) 4for4.com - Jake Delhomme QB
(11) The Chef - Lex Hilliard RB
(12) Dynasty League Football - Marcedes Lewis TE


(1) Dynasty League Football - Josh Morgan WR
(2) The Chef - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR
(3) 4for4.com - Mason Crosby K
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Cardinals Defense
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Bernard Berrian WR
(6) Guinness Stingers - Kevin Walter WR
(7) DraftSharks.com - Patriots Defense
(8) Rochester Rams - Trent Edwards QB
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Jerious Norwood RB
(10) White Razors - Browns Defense
(11) WalterFootball.com - Broncos Defense
(12) Azzurri - Ed Dickson TE


(1) Azzurri - Early Doucet WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Colts Defense
(3) White Razors - Ryan Longwell K
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Titans Defense
(5) Rochester Rams - Redskins Defense
(6) DraftSharks.com - David Akers K
(7) Guinness Stingers - Brian Westbrook RB
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Golden Tate WR
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Sebastian Janikowski K
(10) 4for4.com - Julius Jones RB
(11) The Chef - Jason Snelling RB
(12) Dynasty League Football - Rob Bironas K


(1) Dynasty League Football - Charlie Whitehurst QB
(2) The Chef - Donald Lee TE
(3) 4for4.com - Joshua Cribbs WR
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Louis Murphy WR
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Lawrence Tynes K
(6) Guinness Stingers - Shawn Nelson TE
(7) DraftSharks.com - Nate Washington WR
(8) Rochester Rams - Jonathan Dwyer RB
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Matt Prater K
(10) White Razors - Texans Defense
(11) WalterFootball.com - Dan Carpenter K
(12) Azzurri - Robbie Gould K


(1) Azzurri - Raiders Defense
(2) WalterFootball.com - David Buehler K
(3) White Razors - Jay Feely K
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - James Starks RB
(5) Rochester Rams - Jeff Reed K
(6) DraftSharks.com - Joe Nedney K
(7) Guinness Stingers - Bills Defense
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Torry Holt WR
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Panthers Defense
(10) 4for4.com - Mike Williams WR
(11) The Chef - Ryan Succop K
(12) Dynasty League Football - Neil Rackers K


(1) Dynasty League Football - Brandon LaFell WR
(2) The Chef - Brian Hartline WR
(3) 4for4.com - Shayne Graham K
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Nick Folk K
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Olindo Mare K
(6) Guinness Stingers - Adam Vinatieri K
(7) DraftSharks.com - Lions Defense
(8) Rochester Rams - Matt Bryant K
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Rams Defense
(10) White Razors - Donte Rosario TE
(11) WalterFootball.com - Antonio Bryant WR
(12) Azzurri - Sebastian Janikowski K


(1) Azzurri - Brandon Tate WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Rashad Jennings RB
(3) White Razors - Daniel Fells TE
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Josh Brown K
(5) Rochester Rams - Maurice Morris RB
(6) DraftSharks.com - Jordan Shipley WR
(7) Guinness Stingers - Jason Hanson K
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Anthony Dixon RB
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Jason Avant WR
(10) 4for4.com - Armanti Edwards WR
(11) The Chef - Falcons Defense
(12) Dynasty League Football - Glen Coffee RB


(1) Dynasty League Football - Martellus Bennett TE
(2) The Chef - Brandon Jackson RB
(3) 4for4.com - Charles Scott RB
(4) Rex Kwon Do - Steven Hauschka K
(5) Fantasy Consultant.com - Mewelde Moore RB
(6) Guinness Stingers - Jerramy "Matchup Nightmare" Stevens TE
(7) DraftSharks.com - Harry Douglas WR
(8) Rochester Rams - Steve Johnson WR
(9) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Earl Bennett WR
(10) White Razors - Ben Patrick TE
(11) WalterFootball.com - Rian Lindell K
(12) Azzurri - Justin Gage WR


(1) Azzurri - Deji Karim RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Evan Moore TE
(3) White Razors - Seahawks Defense
(4) Fantasy Football In Depth.com - Joe McKnight RB
(5) Rochester Rams - Jaguars Defense
(6) DraftSharks.com - Fred Taylor RB
(7) Guinness Stingers - Billy Volek QB
(8) Fantasy Consultant.com - Chiefs Defense
(9) Rex Kwon Do - Peyton Hillis RB
(10) 4for4.com - QB Dog Killer QB
(11) The Chef - Tarvaris Jackson QB
(12) Dynasty League Football - Gartrell Johnson RB

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