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Aug. 18, 2010.

This is a real PPR Fantasy Football Draft I participated in on Sunday, Aug. 15. This league starts two running backs, two receivers and a flex. I've been in this league for a number of years and lost in the championship in 2008. Last year, my team sucked; except Chris Johnson and Pierre Thomas, all my players disappointed (Eddie Royal especially) or got hurt.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Adrian Peterson RB
(2) The Reverend - Chris Johnson RB
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(4) The Man-Eaters - Ray Rice RB
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Frank Gore RB
(6) WalterFootball.com - Andre Johnson WR
(7) The Body Burners - Michael Turner RB
(8) The A-Team - Randy Moss WR
(9) The Trojan Kegs - Steven Jackson RB
(10) Injured Reserve - Miles Austin-Jones WR
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - Calvin Johnson WR
(12) Despicable Me's - Shonn Greene RB


(1) Despicable Me's - Ryan Mathews RB
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Aaron Rodgers QB
(3) Injured Reserve - Ryan Grant RB
(4) The Trojan Kegs - Roddy White WR
(5) The A-Team - LeSean McCoy RB
(6) The Body Burners - DeAngelo Williams RB
(7) WalterFootball.com - Jamaal Charles RB
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Rashard Mendenhall RB
(9) The Man-Eaters - Brandon Marshall WR
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Pierre Thomas RB
(11) The Reverend - Peyton Manning QB
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Greg Jennings WR

LEAGUE BACKGROUND: This is one of three leagues I've been a part of for a long time. The Reverend and Cuyahoga Comeback Kids made a hilarious trash-talking video that we all watched prior to our fantasy draft.

They each took turns bashing every member of this league; Cuyahoga Comeback Kids began with, "Park, I want to bang your mom." (Park being Despicable Me's). Hilarious.

Cuyahoga Comeback Kids dissed me, citing that I've never won the championship in this league. He stated that Emmitt Smith would have a better chance of winning this league than I would. I've gone deep into the playoffs on many occasions, but always seem to choke in the clutch. Last year though was a disaster; I went 6-7, as my RB2 and tight end were placed on injured reserve, and my quarterback missed two games early on. Having zero depth at receiver didn't help either (thank you, Josh McDaniels for ruining Eddie Royal).

A few other things of note before we begin:

1. This league is comprised of many sharp fantasy players and a couple of guys who don't watch football at all (i.e. The Reverend). Oddly enough, The Reverend won the championship last year because of Miles Austin. Ironically, The Reverend admitted that he still doesn't really know who Austin is.

2. Last year, The Reverend insisted on listing each player's name, position, college and sexual preference. This year, he just went with sexual preference. "I'm only picking gay players," he told me. "I just have to figure out how they are in the bedroom." Ladies and gentlemen, our 2009 fantasy champ!

3. Cuyahoga Comeback Kids told me before the draft that he was taking Chris Johnson. He lied and picked Adrian Peterson. "I already wrote him down!" I complained. He just laughed and said that he likes to mess with people.

4. The only new member of this league is The Trojan Kegs. His name is Kyle. This, however, escaped one of the league members, who kept yelling "Keith!" to get his attention. He finally realized that his name wasn't Keith after what seemed like the 12th try.

MY PICKS: I was thrilled to get the sixth pick because Andre Johnson is a PPR monster. Body Burners (the same guy on the forum) offered to trade me his No. 7 pick and a tuna sandwich on a sesame seed roll for my No. 6 pick. I hate sesame seeds. Sorry, Body Burners.

On the way back, I was hoping for Ryan Mathews. What happened will be mentioned in a future edition of Jerks of the Week, but as you can see, Mathews was taken at 2.01. I went with Jamaal Charles, praying that Todd Haley will come to his senses and play Charles much more than the decrepit Thomas Jones.

BEST PICKS: Calvin Johnson is going to be a monster this year, and getting him as the fourth receiver - albeit in the first round - was a steal.

I was going to take Pierre Thomas at 2.07 if Charles wasn't there, so credit I Hate P.Lindy for that pick. (P.Lindy, by the way, is The Reverend, so I Hate P.Lindy hates The Reverend if you're keeping track at home.)

And kudos, by the way, to Injured Reserve for actually saying "Miles Austin-Jones" when announcing his selection. That was a proud moment for me.

WORST PICKS: I don't trust Steven Jackson enough to use a first-round pick on him. The players around him stink (or are too young), and he's coming off back surgery. He's pretty risky.

Not much else in terms of worst picks; I thought the other selections were all pretty solid.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Drew Brees QB
(2) The Reverend - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - DeSean Jackson WR
(4) The Man-Eaters - Steve Smith WR (Panthers)
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Reggie Wayne WR
(6) WalterFootball.com - Joseph Addai RB
(7) The Body Burners - Steve Smith WR (Giants)
(8) The A-Team - Cedric Benson RB
(9) The Trojan Kegs - Marques Colston WR
(10) Injured Reserve - Dallas Clark TE
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - C.J. Spiller RB
(12) Despicable Me's - Tom Brady QB


(1) Despicable Me's - Anquan Boldin WR
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Jahvid Best RB
(3) Injured Reserve - Tony Romo QB
(4) The Trojan Kegs - Matt Schaub QB
(5) The A-Team - Philip Rivers QB
(6) The Body Burners - Sidney Rice WR
(7) WalterFootball.com - Jonathan Stewart RB
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Brandon Jacobs RB
(9) The Man-Eaters - Knowshon Moreno RB
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Dwayne Bowe WR
(11) The Reverend - Matt Forte RB
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Chris Wells RB

DRAFT UPDATE: During the third round, I Hate P.Lindy asked for a key to understand the draft board. He also looked at my picks and asked, "Who is Jamaal Charles?"

MY PICKS: Back-to-back running backs. I just watched Donald Brown embarrass himself, so I'm confident with Joseph Addai. I also love Jonathan Stewart more than most people, so I was thrilled to see him available in Round 4.

By the way, when I picked Addai, I Hate P.Lindy exclaimed, "Joseph Addai!? I hope he dies!" Hear that, Joseph? Better not come to our fantasy draft.

BEST PICKS: I was disappointed that Steve Smith (Panthers) went off the board in Round 3 because I wanted him. I was also shocked that The Man-Eaters (the only female member in this league) took Smith, considering that she criticized me for taking him in an earlier fantasy mock draft. That's right, Man-Eaters, I am calling you out!

A couple of people, including myself, groaned when The Drunken Jaguars grabbed Jahvid Best off the board in Round 4. I would have picked Best over Stewart.

WORST PICKS: I'm not a fan of the final two running backs chosen in Round 4. Matt Forte is garbage, while Chris Wells is still behind Tim Hightower on the depth chart. Ken Whisenhunt loves Hightower's blocking and pass-catching ability, and Wells is going to face more eight-man fronts with Kurt Warner gone.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Michael Crabtree WR
(2) The Reverend - Chad Ochocinco WR
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - Ronnie Brown RB
(4) The Man-Eaters - Mike Sims-Walker WR
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Wes Welker WR
(6) WalterFootball.com - Jeremy Maclin WR
(7) The Body Burners - Jermichael Finley TE
(8) The A-Team - Terrell Owens WR
(9) The Trojan Kegs - Felix Jones RB
(10) Injured Reserve - Justin Forsett RB
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - Darren Sproles RB
(12) Despicable Me's - Antonio Gates TE


(1) Despicable Me's - Santana Moss WR
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Brent Celek TE
(3) Injured Reserve - Arian Foster RB
(4) The Trojan Kegs - Marion Barber RB
(5) The A-Team - Vernon Davis TE
(6) The Body Burners - Matt Ryan QB
(7) WalterFootball.com - Joe Flacco QB
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Owen Daniels TE
(9) The Man-Eaters - Jason Witten TE
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Tim Hightower RB
(11) The Reverend - Chris Cooley TE
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Jerome Harrison RB

DRAFT UPDATE: Someone announced that Ben Tate was out for the year (he got hurt the night before our draft). I Hate P.Lindy quizzically asked, "Who's that? How do you spell his name?"

I was sitting next to The Reverend, so I was able to see what he was doing the whole time. At this point, he stopped looking at his cheat sheet and began scouring YouTube, IMDB, Facebook, etc. Suddenly, he realized that he didn't have several players crossed off his cheat sheet. Cuyahoga Comeback Kids helped him catch up.

MY PICKS: I just watched Jeremy Maclin tear it up against the Jaguars. I don't get how some sites/books have him ranked in the 30s. He has to be a late-teen receiver. He's going to have a huge year.

I love Joe Flacco as well, but if you've been reading this site, you know that already.

BEST PICKS: A solid-enough running back getting all of the touches in an explosive offense? Nope, not Ryan Grant. I'm talking about Arian Foster. He's a major steal in Round 6; I would have taken him in Round 5 (knowing Injured Reserve liked him as well) but I already had three running backs on my roster.

Jason Witten is a PPR monster. I'm not sure how he lasted until the end of Round 6.

WORST PICKS: If Wes Welker stays healthy, he could have a huge year. But it just seems to me that Welker is risking his season by coming back so quickly. I think Round 5 is a bit too early for him.

Speaking of risks, Owen Daniels is racing to get ready for the season opener. I don't want any part of a player coming off a torn ACL in the sixth round when I can have other comparable players at the same position.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Santonio Holmes WR
(2) The Reverend - Thomas Jones RB
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - Kevin Kolb QB
(4) The Man-Eaters - Jay Cutler QB
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Carson Palmer QB
(6) WalterFootball.com - Hakeem Nicks WR
(7) The Body Burners - Reggie Bush RB
(8) The A-Team - Robert Meachem WR
(9) The Trojan Kegs - T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR
(10) Injured Reserve - Pierre Garcon WR
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - Johnny Knox WR
(12) Despicable Me's - Hines Ward WR


(1) Despicable Me's - Cadillac Williams RB
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Percy Harvin WR
(3) Injured Reserve - Michael Bush RB
(4) The Trojan Kegs - LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(5) The A-Team - Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(6) The Body Burners - Chester Taylor RB
(7) WalterFootball.com - Ricky Williams RB
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Malcom Floyd WR
(9) The Man-Eaters - Derrick Mason WR
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Mike Wallace WR
(11) The Reverend - Braylon Edwards WR
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Bernard Scott RB

DRAFT UPDATE: The Reverend has now moved on to browsing Target's Web site. "I'm bored," he complained. Once again, our 2009 fantasy champ!

MY PICKS: I can't believe Hakeem Nicks fell to Round 7. I was actually debating between Nicks and Johnny Knox. The Man-Eaters pointed out afterward that picking Knox would have continued my trend of picking all players whose names start with "J" after Andre Johnson. Had I known that, Knox would have been my choice. Damn it.

Ricky Williams will be a factor when - not if - Ronnie Brown gets hurt. I'll just stash him on my bench for the time being.

BEST PICKS: Damn you, Drunken Jaguars for taking Johnny Knox! Knox is going to have a big year in Mike Martz's offense. I was praying that he'd fall back to me. In fact, that's the reason I took Nicks over Knox; I thought there was a better chance that Knox would slip.

Loved two running backs in Round 8: Michael Bush and Ahmad Bradshaw. I would have picked either over Williams had they fallen to me.

WORST PICKS: T.J. Houshmandzadeh is good for four catches and 35 yards each week. Not what you want from your seventh-round pick.

Cuyahoga Comeback Kids told me that his eighth-round selection would make the worst picks list. He's right. Bernard Scott could really contribute for him this year. Or, he could be a non-factor. I think Cuyahoga Comeback Kids could have obtained Scott in Round 10, so he reached.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Donovan McNabb QB
(2) The Reverend - Jets Defense
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - Steve Slaton RB
(4) The Man-Eaters - Ben Roethlisberger QB
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Willis McGahee RB
(6) WalterFootball.com - Tony Gonzalez TE
(7) The Body Burners - Devin Aromashodu WR
(8) The A-Team - Eagles Defense
(9) The Trojan Kegs - Zach Miller TE
(10) Injured Reserve - Eli Manning QB
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - Chaz Schilens WR
(12) Despicable Me's - Chad Henne QB


(1) Despicable Me's - Dez Bryant WR
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Brett Favre QB
(3) Injured Reserve - Laurence Maroney RB
(4) The Trojan Kegs - Kenny Britt WR
(5) The A-Team - Donald Driver WR
(6) The Body Burners - Larry Johnson RB
(7) WalterFootball.com - Lance Moore WR
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Alex Smith QB
(9) The Man-Eaters - Donald Brown RB
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Matthew Stafford QB
(11) The Reverend - Josh Morgan WR
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Darren McFadden RB

DRAFT UPDATE: As we entered Round 9, The Reverend decided that it was time to take a defense. He went to a fantasy Web site and looked at their defensive rankings. He was surprised. "Wow, the Jets have the No. 1 defense this year? Fine, I'll take them."

I Hate P.Lindy apparently can't spell the names of the Houston Texan running backs. "Is Steve Slaton taken? How do you spell Slaton?"

Upon taking Devin Aromashodu, Body Burners said, "I'll take Devin Oshomajew." Injured Reserve quickly shouted, "Championship!" That was a classic moment.

MY PICKS: I don't like Tony Gonzalez based on where he's going in most leagues, but he's a hell of a bargain in Round 9 of a 12-teamer.

Lance Moore is getting no publicity even though he's healthy again and received more targets from Drew Brees than any other Saints receiver in the preseason opener.

BEST PICKS: Willis McGahee is a solid pick right now in Round 9, but he could be a steal if he's traded somewhere and becomes a starter. Same goes with Larry Johnson; he could easily become Washington's starter.

As with Tony Gonzalez, I don't like Donald Driver because he's going too early in fantasy drafts, but you have to take him in Round 10.

WORST PICKS: As you all know by now, I frown upon any defenses going this early. For more, read my 2010 Fantasy Football Defenses Strategy.

Sorry, The Reverend, I also don't like your 10th-round pick. Josh Morgan offers no upside with Alex Smith at quarterback.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Legedu Naanee WR
(2) The Reverend - Matt Leinart QB
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - Visanthe Shiancoe TE
(4) The Man-Eaters - Eddie Royal WR
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Steve Breaston WR
(6) WalterFootball.com - Montario Hardesty RB
(7) The Body Burners - Austin Collie WR
(8) The A-Team - Mohamed Massaquoi WR
(9) The Trojan Kegs - Chris Chambers WR
(10) The Body Burners *trade from Injured Reserve* - Lee Evans WR
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - Jerricho Cotchery WR
(12) Despicable Me's - James Jones WR


(1) Despicable Me's - Kellen Winslow Jr. TE
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Vikings Defense
(3) Injured Reserve - Julian Edelman WR
(4) The Trojan Kegs - Ravens Defense
(5) The A-Team - Matt Cassel QB
(6) Injured Reserve *trade from The Body Burners* - Mike Williams WR
(7) WalterFootball.com - Brian Hartline WR
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Jabar Gaffney WR
(9) The Man-Eaters - Kevin Walter WR
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Packers Defense
(11) The Reverend - Kevin Smith RB
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Greg Olsen TE

DRAFT UPDATE: When the A-Team drafted Matt Cassel, someone yelled, "Ah f***!" I don't know who it was, but someone apparently wanted Kansas City's noodle-armed quarterback.

Also, a funny exchange:

Despicable Me's: Paul, you have a good team.

The Reverend: Yes, I do.

MY PICKS: Montario Hardesty was the best running back available. Eric Mangina loves him, so even though Jerome Harrison deserves all the carries, it's possible that Hardesty could be the featured back.

Brian Hartline is one of my favorite high-upside late-round fantasy football sleepers.

BEST PICKS: Had I seen the Chargers-Bears, Browns-Packers and Bengals-Broncos games before our fantasy draft (I watched them that night), I would have chosen Legedu Naanee, Mohamed Massaquoi and Jabar Gaffney earlier. All three are big steals.

Body Burners and Injured Reserve pulled off a trade. Body Burners sent his 12th- and 13th-round picks to Injured Reserve for his 11th- and 15th-rounders.

The loser of this trade? Me. Injured Reserve used both of his 12th-round picks to take receivers that I wanted (Mike Williams, Julian Edelman).

WORST PICKS: Matt Leinart? It's almost as if The Reverend is browsing Target.com and IMDB.com instead of focusing on his fantasy draft.

Picks in Rounds 11 on should be used on players with upside. Chris Chambers has no upside.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Demaryius Thomas WR
(2) The Reverend - Nate Kaeding K
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - Jeremy Shockey TE
(4) The Man-Eaters - Laurent Robinson WR
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Steelers Defense
(6) WalterFootball.com - Devin Hester WR
(7) Injured Reserve *trade from The Body Burners* - Clinton Portis RB
(8) The A-Team - Fred Jackson RB
(9) The Trojan Kegs - Vince Young QB
(10) Injured Reserve - Vincent Jackson WR
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - Mike Bell RB
(12) Despicable Me's - Derrick Ward RB


(1) Despicable Me's - Kevin Faulk RB
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Dexter McCluster WR
(3) Injured Reserve - 49ers Defense
(4) The Trojan Kegs - Golden Tate WR
(5) The A-Team - Garrett Hartley K
(6) The Body Burners - Jason Snelling RB
(7) WalterFootball.com - Cowboys Defense
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Correll Buckhalter RB
(9) The Man-Eaters - Nate Burleson WR
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Brian Westbrook RB
(11) The Reverend - Jacoby Jones WR
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Bengals Defense

DRAFT UPDATE: The Reverend, on when his cheat sheet told him to pick Nate Kaeding, "Who the hell is Nate Kaeding?"

MY PICKS: Devin Hester was probably my least-favorite pick of the entire draft, but he is a Mike Martz receiver. It could pan out.

I don't like picking defenses until the last round, but only because the good ones are chosen too early. I didn't understand why the Cowboys were available in Round 14.

BEST PICKS: Great foresight by I Hate P.Lindy to take Brian Westbrook a day before he signed with the 49ers. I may ask I Hate P.Lindy for lottery numbers the next time I see him.

As you may have noticed, I don't have a backup quarterback yet. I wanted to take Brett Favre and Matthew Stafford, but each was chosen several picks before I was up. I was considering Vince Young, but The Trojan Kegs snatched him off the board.

WORST PICKS: The Reverend is the first owner to take a kicker in our draft. Are you as surprised as I am?

Derrick Ward and Kevin Faulk? Excuse me while I vomit all over my keyboard.


(1) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Stephen Gostkowski K
(2) The Reverend - Dustin Keller TE
(3) I Hate P.Lindy - Justin Fargas RB
(4) The Man-Eaters - Saints Defense
(5) Vick's Vicious Vixens - Ryan Longwell K
(6) WalterFootball.com - David Akers K
(7) The Body Burners - Rob Bironas K
(8) The A-Team - Heath Miller TE
(9) The Trojan Kegs - Mewelde Moore RB
(10) The Body Burners *trade from Injured Reserve* - Bears Defense
(11) The Drunken Jaguars - Bo Scaife TE
(12) Despicable Me's - Chargers Defense


(1) Despicable Me's - Mason Crosby K
(2) The Drunken Jaguars - Matt Prater K
(3) Injured Reserve - Neil Rackers K
(4) The Trojan Kegs - Nick Folk K
(5) The A-Team - QB Dog Killer QB
(6) The Body Burners - Tim Tebow QB
(7) WalterFootball.com - Josh Freeman QB
(8) Vick's Vicious Vixens - John Carlson TE
(9) The Man-Eaters - Lawrence Tynes K
(10) I Hate P.Lindy - Robbie Gould K
(11) The Reverend - Dolphins Defense
(12) Cuyahoga Comeback Kids - Gary Copestake TE

DRAFT UPDATE: If you're wondering why Tim Tebow was drafted, Body Burners was simply following Injured Reserve's advice. IR wrote an article about fantasy football strategies recently, where he said, "Remember that this pick is your Hail Mary." I don't think that's what IR meant, Body Burners.

MY PICKS: A kicker in Round 15, only because I knew no one was going to pick my backup quarterback. That would be Josh Freeman, who looked GREAT in his preseason debut against the Dolphins. He's miles ahead of where he was last year. He offers a decent amount of upside.

BEST PICKS: As I told Body Burners after the draft, the positive karma from having Tebow on your team is worth five wins. At least.

In all seriousness, half the room was shocked when everyone realized that John Carlson was available in Round 16. That's proof right there that you can wait on tight ends this year.

WORST PICKS: The person who drafted QB Dog Killer in our league last year (I Hate P.Lindy) finished with the worst record. Coincidence? Looks like your karmically screwed, A-Team.

Who the hell is tight end Gary Copestake, you ask? That would be The Drunken Jaguars. That's right - Cuyahoga Comeback Kids drafted another fantasy owner with his final pick. I guess he wasn't lying when he said he likes to mess with people.

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