2011 NFL Draft Mailbag

NFL Draft Mailbag Notes: These are not actually e-mails. They are comments left on the comment board in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft. I've included some of these comments and my responses to them.


2011 NFL Draft E-mails - Random AFC Questions and Comments

  • From Cindy:

    The Bill's had one of the worst DEFENCE in the NFL,and you guys have them taking 3 offensive players in the first 3 rounds. WOW YOU GUYS REALLY DID YOU HOMEWORK.

    --> The "Bill's" failed to score more than 17 points in their final six games. In three matchups against their divisional rivals to close out the season, they scored 17, 3 and 7. SO YES I DID MY HOMEWORK. DID YOU DO YOU HOMEWORK!?!?

  • From BengalsFan:

    i seriously doubt the bengals will pick patrick peterson. they have a rising defense and their offense is crumbling

    --> That "rising" defense will collapse if Johnathan Joseph leaves via free agency. Patrick Peterson is the best player in this class and is in play at every spot outside of No. 1.

  • From Tim:

    I have to disagree about Casey Hampton. What you said sounds more like something that should have happened by now, or something that may happen soon, than it does something that happened already. I thought he played great all year. Perhaps his number of horribly-embarrassing-the-center plays were down, but Pittsburgh had one of the best run defenses in history in 2010, and without Aaron Smith for much of it. Hampton was a dominant force in every game he played. ...And if you don't agree with me, you can ask Nick Mangold what he thinks :D

    --> Casey Hampton played really well at times last year, but he also struggled on occasion. What can't be disputed though is that Hampton's snaps were down. Hampton averaged 34.8 snaps per game in 2009, but only 28.4 in 2010. Hampton turns 34 in September, so the Steelers will have to find his successor soon.

  • From Classic Silver and Black:

    The Raiders will go with back to back picks at the same position, but it will be offensive linemen, not cornerbacks. Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson were both in the top 5 all NFL in terms of defended passes percentage, we are set at the position in terms of starters, even without Nnamdi.

    --> I won't dispute the possibility that the Raiders will draft offensive linemen with back-to-back picks, but come on, Chris Johnson stinks. He was whistled for a whopping eight penalties (near the league lead) even though he played fewer than 400 snaps in 2010. That's horrible.

  • From Eddie:

    Although Denver needs help on the line, Patrick Peterson is too good a talent to pass up. Denver only has 1 starting cornerback. Andre Goodman is absent from most plays, and Champ is getting older. There is no logic in passing up Peterson. D-line help can be found in rounds 2 and 3.

    --> A cornerback has never been selected in the top two. The Broncos just re-signed Champ Bailey, so there's no concern right now with his age. Bailey and Perrish Cox will start at corner, so even though Patrick Peterson is the top player in this class, it'll be shocking if Denver doesn't address its greatest need by selecting Marcell Dareus.

  • From Ron:

    You say "The Broncos need to collect talent for their new 4-3 defense. This means drafting two defensive tackles, a defensive end and two linebackers." and yet you have them going RB in round 2. You are right re: their "need". I sure hope you're wrong on this pick.

    --> Just because teams "need" to do something doesn't mean that they will. Most teams don't draft primarily for need. Instead, they take the best player on their board that makes sense for them. In this case, Mikel Leshoure is the best player available and makes sense for Denver as a No. 2 running back behind the oft-injured Knowshon Moreno.

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