2011 NFL Draft Mailbag

NFL Draft Mailbag Notes: These are not actually e-mails. They are comments left on the comment board in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft. I've included some of these comments and my responses to them.


2011 NFL Draft E-mails - Random NFC Questions and Comments

  • From Jeremy:

    I like your WR pick to the Pack, but you have to do some studying... The Packers scout Alonzo Highsmith ( 2010 NFL Scout of the Year ) played at Miami and knows the program in and out. The Packers had formal interviews with Leonard Hankerson at the combine after already interviewing him at the senior bowl. He would be the obvious WR pick for the Packers at #32.

    --> I like it. Torrey Smith fits what the Packers look for in a receiver, but so does Leonard Hankerson. Good suggestion.

  • From Aaron:

    Well at least you finally changed the Cowboys pick to someone that they MIGHT actually take. Now if you only had Tyron Smith listed as a possible candidate I might take this thing seriously. I know you aren't doing mock trades but the likelihood is that Dallas will trade out of this pick back into the mid to late teens.

    --> I know the Sun Tan Man mocked Tyron Smith to the Cowboys, but Jerry Jones has never spent a first-round pick on an offensive lineman. That trend may buck eventually, but Smith is not good enough to warrant the No. 9 overall pick with terrific prospects like Prince Amukamara and J.J. Watt potentially available.

    If you don't believe me, just ask Mike Mayock. On Path to the Draft, Mayock opined, "I don't even think an offensive tackle will be considered until No. 13 with the Detroit Lions."

  • From Beardown:

    After another season of seeing Jay Cutler get beat up every game its time to do something about it, the Bears will have to do everything in their power to get Pouncey in the first round, even trade up, they do not have a choice.

    --> I completely agree. The Bears have to do everything in their power to improve Jay Cutler's blocking. However, I don't predict trades, and it's highly doubtful that Mike Pouncey will fall to No. 29.

  • From Anthony Graziano:

    I believe the vikings should take C Mike Pouncey with their 12th overall pick. It makes perfect sense because the vikings couldn't run the ball at all last season thanks to our horrible Center. We pissed off matt birk a couple years ago and there went adrian's eyepopping numbers. Now before anyone criticizes me, does peterson look like himself?

    --> This would be a huge mistake. First of all, Mike Pouncey is not a center. He's a natural guard. He might be able to play center in a pinch, but he won't be as effective there (botched snap, much?) Also, Pouncey is definitely not the 12th-best player in the 2011 NFL Draft. If the Vikings take him, they'll be passing on much better prospects. If they want a center, they should get Stefen Wisniewski in Round 2.

  • From Philly:

    eagles late round pick are wrong we don't need dion lewis or a FB we need to take a chance on a slot reciever that fast and can complement Jaskson and maclin like Jermy Kerley

    --> The Eagles have a great slot receiver in Jason Avant. Meanwhile, they'll be losing Jerome Harrison in free agency, while Leonard Weaver may never play football again. They will be looking for backfield help in Day 3.

  • From Dan:

    this draft is a total lost as 49ers are concern. you took only one offencive player a wr and they don't need a wr at all needs are qb 2 rb 1 o-lineman 1 dlineman an a cb. no QB taken and we need 2 at least if not 3

    --> Your grand master plan to improve the 49ers is to spend three draft picks on quarterbacks? Yeah, that's going to work. And by the way, I do have San Francisco selecting a signal-caller in the second round (Colin Kaepernick).

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