2011 NFL Draft Mailbag

NFL Draft Mailbag Notes: These are not actually e-mails. They are comments left on the comment board in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft. I've included some of these comments and my responses to them.


2011 NFL Draft E-mails - Random NFC Questions and Comments (and more)

  • From Austin:

    Do people not realize that Jerry Richardson won't spend money? No offense to the "Big Cat" but he's kinda cheap. I personally still think Bowers is #1. Carolina still needs an elite pass rusher, and Bowers is it!

    --> With a rookie salary scale, Jerry Richardson has nothing to worry about. If Cam Newton busts, Richardson can just take a quarterback again two years from now without much of a penalty. Teams are actually encouraged to gamble on a quarterback now.

  • From LionAround:

    What is the infatuation with projecting a tackle to the Lions? All the mocks do it. This is a weak O-tackle group. On top of that Smith is a project. When are you guys gonna get with the program? Lions draft BPA.

    --> Tyron Smith is one of the best players available. And the Lions have told the media that they're going to make protecting Matthew Stafford a priority this offseason. They have no choice.

  • From Lombardi:

    Hey Walter, let me give you some advise: The bucs are in no way selecting Adrian Claybourne! He is fat and slow and has Palsy. He wont even get drafted in the first round unless some team thinks he is better in a 3-4. Please do me a favor Walter and change the pick. Im tired of seeing Adrian Claybourne at 20. You haven't changed it since before the regular season was over and it makes you look lazy. We would select Justin Houston before we would ever select AC.

    --> I know for a fact that the Buccaneers really like Adrian Clayborn. If you've noticed, I've continuously mocked Clayborn to the Bucs. That won't change unless I hear something new from my sources in Tampa.

  • From All Day:

    The Cowboys are NOT going to take Prince. The number 9 pick has to start immediately and there's no way they are telling either Jenkins or Newman to sit down. They will take a Defensive lineman and pick up a Cornerback in the second round. People mocking them a Corner at 9 are either lazy or not football educated.

    --> I really doubt that Terence Newman will be back next year. Newman's salary is $8 million in 2011, and he's coming off a horrific season.

  • From TClip:

    Still no Evan Royster?

    --> Evan Royster is a late-round pick at best. He'll probably be an undrafted free agent. He had a poor senior season and fell behind a bunch of running backs in this class.

  • From John:

    No Janoris Jenkins from Florida?

    --> Janoris Jenkins went back to school.

  • From DPG:

    I like ur site because u do an extensive mock, update it often, and provide some good info on the early slotted picks. My only complaint would be that beyond the first couple rounds, the story on every pick is why the team has a weakness, and that this player is highly rated for whats left...how bout a little info at least, maybe combine/pro-day numbers (just a copy/paste really) or maybe some kind of individual accomplishment, like 2cd team all conference, anything really.

    --> I would love to. Really. But compiling a 6-round mock draft takes 9-10 hours or so, meaning putting in longer write-ups would take even more time, which would prevent me from making as many updates. I'll try to put in a couple of more write-ups.

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