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  • From Baker:

    Quit giving the Browns Jon Baldwin in the 2nd! He is going to be out of the league in 3 yeas. Hell his college play and talent do not even warrant a Top 40 pick. If you insist on giving us a WR then at least make it Hankerson, but another defender is needed more.

    --> Jonathan Baldwin had one of the worst quarterbacking situations in the country last year. He's a better physical talent than Leonard Hankerson. Whether Baldwin puts forth the effort to become a great NFL player is another issue, but he unquestionably has the talent to be a top-40 selection.

  • From Vaughan:


    --> Aldon Smith had 19 TFL and 11.5 sacks as a redshirt freshman in 2009. He had only 4.5 sacks in 2010 because he was playing hurt. So he's definitely not unproven. It'll be shocking to me if Smith makes it into the second half of the first round. The NFL is a pass-first league, meaning guys who can get to the quarterback are highly coveted. Look at Jason Pierre-Paul last year. He was way more unproven than Smith, and he went to the Giants at No. 15.

  • From JQ:

    Why dont the jets just draft a new rb bcuz lt is gettin really old

    --> And what about Shonn Greene? Joe McKnight? The Jets will be targeting pass-rushers early and often this April. That's their biggest weakness; not running back.

  • From Connor:

    San Diego needs a OLB there's no pass rush besides shaun phillips and larry english is either injured or a non factor.

    --> I believe the Chargers will target a rush linebacker in the 2011 NFL Draft - but not in the first round. Doing so would admit that the Larry English pick was a bad one. It was, but A.J. Smith would look bad if he indicated that he gave up on one of his first-round selections. Instead, he could take Sam Acho or Brooks Reed in Round 2 to "challenge" English.

    NFL Draft Mailbag Notes: These are not actually e-mails. They are comments left on the comment board in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft. I've included some of these comments and my responses to them.


    2011 NFL Draft E-mails - Random AFC Questions and Comments

  • From Kwin:

    Looks to me, like the dolphins will trade down and see if they can get mike pouncy late in the first, and get a second round pick back from the Marshall trade. The FO of the phins won't have the guts to take a potential playmaker. They will try to find value in the mid rounds for a running back.

    --> I really like this idea. Outside of Mark Ingram, there won't be anyone available at No. 15 who will fit Miami's needs. If the Dolphins aren't sold on Ingram for whatever reason, I believe they'll try their hardest to trade down. Picking up Mike Pouncey later in the first round would make a lot of sense.

  • From David:

    The patriots pass rush is more of a D-line issue... they did play more of a 4-3 than 3-4 this year

    --> They need both a defensive end and a rush linebacker. Ty Warren will be back, so I feel like rush linebacker is slightly more of a need than a five-technique. Regardless, New England will address both areas in the 2011 NFL Draft.



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