2011 NFL Draft Mailbag

NFL Draft Mailbag Notes: These are not actually e-mails. They are comments left on the comment board in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft. I've included some of these comments and my responses to them.


2011 NFL Draft E-mails - Trade and Prospect Speculation

  • From Marcus P:

    With recent talks of the Miami Dolphins wanting to potentially trade down, what are the chances that the Bears work a deal with the Dolphins? What additional draft picks would it take to move from the 29 spot, up to the 15th?

    I personally, don't think that there is much more available for the Bears at the 15th spot in their positions of need. I feel like the OT you get in the middle of round one isn't THAT much better than the one you get at the end of the round. I feel the same way about DTs. With Dareus and Fairley gone, Wilkerson, Taylor, and Liegut are all similar to me in value for the Bears.

    Do you think the Bears would consider packaging the 29 pick and Greg Olsen to the Dolphins to move up to 15 spot?

    --> The problem is that all the first-round tackles might be gone at 29. I like the move. The Bears need to do everything in their power to secure a solid lineman so Jay Cutler doesn't get killed next year.

  • From Hahaha@woody:

    NO way do the eagles get the #7 pick for Kolb. maybe a 2nd rounder. why give up a high draft pick for an unproven QB who will be a free agent next year?

    --> NO way do the Eagles only get a second-rounder for Kevin Kolb. There's a good chance they'll get a top-10 selection for him. Kolb is a young potential franchise quarterback, and the demand is higher than ever for those considering how lacking this class is. The Cardinals may not have a choice but to surrender the fifth pick to the Eagles. It's just how the NFL works, like it or not.

  • From Skol86:

    I really don't see the Vikings passing on Jake Locker in the first round. He will not make it to their second pick unless they trade way up. Bowers would be a nice addition, but we have Allen on one end and Robinson on the other (Assuming Ray Edwards isn't coming back)

    --> I do think the Vikings will trade up for a quarterback. But they won't think about taking Jake Locker at No. 12. Only one head coach showed up to his Pro Day. The same amount of head coaches came to Hawaii's Pro Day, as a reference. That's pretty crazy if you think about it.

  • From Broseph:

    The ravens like casey matthews enough to take him in round three.

    --> The Ravens had a private workout with Casey Matthews on March 30, but he has yet to go to the team facility. You could be right though; that's definitely a possibility.

  • From Sam:

    NAtional football post has derek newton as A nice, long, lean kid who has some good range. But, lacks great strength potential through his hips and doesn't seem much more than a ***late round/FA type developmental guy*** yet you have him to raiders in the 4th?

    --> But... Derek Newton... is a... great... playa... how dare you... say that... a great playa... like Derek Newton... can be a late round... or free agent... gargoyles... cyclopses... seize this man...

  • From Megadeth:

    there is a 0% chance Patrick Peterson slips past the Browns after Haden the browns are absolutely terrible at corner. Thank god when the Browns draft Patrick Peterson so I don't have to watch Eric Wright get burned on EVERY single play

    --> I'm wavering on Patrick Peterson to Cleveland. I think he's an option at No. 6, but paying big money to two corners might be a tough pill to swallow for the Browns. If there's a rookie wage scale, I think there's a greater chance the pick will be Peterson with monetary reasons no longer being a concern.

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