2011 NFL Draft Mailbag

NFL Draft Mailbag Notes: These are not actually e-mails. They are comments left on the comment board in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft. I've included some of these comments and my responses to them.


2011 NFL Draft E-mails - Hate Mail

  • From BrownsTown:

    You felt you were alone when you mocked Newton #1 ?! Gimme a break. Within days after either Kiper or McShay had Newton #1 or top 3, so did the majority. And it's funny as soon as Kiper projected Newton as #1.....BAM! The next day so did you. Today (3/9/11) Kiper just mocked Gabbert #1. Let's see how long it takes you to do the same. You're a hypocrite! And a follower.

    --> Neither Mel Kiper nor Todd McShay ever had Cam Newton No. 1. And Kiper never projected Newton as No. 1. Otherwise, you have a pretty sound theory going there.

  • From Joey:

    So, You decided not to update the Chiefs 1st round draft pick again... Its been several weeks since you last updated it. Plus Cam Newton IS NOT going first overall. I've lost respect for your mock draft. Its sad that I used to look forward to seeing it get updated every week. This is my last vist.

    --> Phew. For a second there, I thought you wrote "last visit." I'm not sure what a "last vist" is, but I'm glad you'll be coming back to the site.

    As for the Chiefs mock, I changed their fifth-round pick, so I technically did update it. And a quarterback is going No. 1 overall. Whether that's Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert is yet to be decided.

  • From Tjam3s (and other posters):

    You are absolutely terrible I hate to sound rude but your mocks keep getting worst and worst. You are completely incorrect by stating Okung had the better rookie season neither one of them looked solid but it's a lot easier to look solid in the NFC west than in the NFC east. I'll take a guy who can stay on the field over a guy who misses 6 games any day.

    --> I'll let Frank answer this one:

    LOL!... Trent Williams gave-up (11.5)-Sacks in 14-games and had (6)-Penalties and (3)-Holding calls .... Russell Okung on the other hand only gave-up (4)-Sacks in 10-games and (3)-Penalties and (0)-Holding calls,.... Even if you prorated Okung's Sacks it would only be (5.6)-Sacks in a 14-game period.....(6)-less sacks then Okung, I think that Okung had the better rookie year,.. OKUNG > willaims .... LOL,

  • From Daniel B:

    Some of your argumentation is just lame. Yes, Lawyer Milloy got beat on the first drive against the Bears, but if you saw the first game between the two teams, I think you could find a lot of reasons why he still has a place in this league, not to mention the first playoff game against the saints and how he reenergized the D after they trailed 10-0.

    --> On the contrary, I watched nearly every Seattle game this year. Lawyer Milloy stinks. He was among the league leaders in missed tackles and touchdowns allowed for safeties. He's done.

  • From The Situation:

    yeah walter donat moch might even get picked up by the titans in the 2nd. you obvi didnt watch the combine. lol scrub.

    --> Umm... what? Perhaps you'd make a bit more sense if you didn't smoke crack prior to logging on to my site.

  • From Thomas:

    This was the worst mock draft for the Chargers yet, your losing your cred

    --> I just checked my wallet, and both my credit cards (personal and business) are in there. So I have to disagree with you that I'm losing my cred.

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