2010 NFL Draft Mailbag

NFL Draft Mailbag Notes: Note that the e-mails I received have been italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.


2010 NFL Draft E-mails - AFC West

  • From Many E-mailers:

    Why would the Chiefs still take an offensive lineman at No. 5? They just signed Ryan Lilja. Can they trade down?

    --> I highly doubt Ryan Lilja will change Kansas City's draft plans. He was cut by the Colts because he didn't pass his physical. His knees are on the verge of breaking down. He'll be a backup only - if he even makes the roster.

    The Chiefs will try to trade down, but there won't be many teams looking to move into the five spot because of the salary involved. If the Chiefs can't trade down - and doing so would involve taking less on the Trade Value Chart like the Browns did last year - the pick will be Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams in all likelihood.

  • From Anonymous Raider Fan:

    You might have a realistic mock if you cut the jokes and got serious about the Raiders picks. But don't worry, I won't be wasting any more time at your site.

    --> The mock is very realistic - because the Raiders are a joke. Al Davis is a horrible drafter, so why would I take his picks seriously? Moreover, why are you defending him? If you were a true Raider fan, you would be up in arms and demanding for Undead Al to get a legitimate GM to run things. By defending him, you're partly responsible for the crap football team that plays in Oakland eight times a year.

  • From Anonymous Raider Fan (Again):

    Realistic? I doubt it. And the picks are jokes???

    Matt Shaughnessy, Louis Murphy, Tyvon Branch, Trevor Scott, Chaz Schilens, Zach Miller, Michael Bush, Michael Huff, Thomas Howard

    What do they have in common? All drafted by Al Davis. All within the last 4 seasons. So instead of tickling yourself with your sophomoric little jokes, you may wanna take the time to do a little research.

    You don't like Davis? That's fine. But look at the totality of his drafts and make your mock accordingly. Otherwise you look like one of those simpletons that only rely on ESPN and their crew of idiots for insight.

    --> Al Davis definitely has made some good picks. I notice, however, that you didn't list his horrible selections - the ones that are responsible from holding this team back. For example, JaMarcus Russell, who was drafted because of his arm despite the fact that he showed up vastly overweight to the Combine. Darren McFadden, who didn't fill a need and was drafted only because of his 40 time. Darrius Heyward-Bey, who was a 2nd-round prospect taken only because of his height-weight-40. Michael Mitchell, a 7th-round prospect taken in Round 2 only because of his 40 time.

    I'm pretty disappointed in you and other Raider fans because you continue to defend Al Davis' idiotic decisions. I really hope you all will see the light soon.

  • From James M.:

    Love what you do and enjoy the daily updates. I am a football nut and a huge Bronco Fan. I love that you are a Raider Fan and your perspective. I like your recent mock and wanted to give you my insight on your Denver picks from a Bronco fans perspective. I think you are right on as to what Denver is looking at and positions of need, but I think a center (J.D. Walton) is too early for Round 2.

    --> James, I'm glad you like the site, but I'm not a Raider fan. In fact, I get more hate mail from Raiders fans than I do from anyone else.

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree that a center like J.D. Walton is too early in Round 2, but remember whom we're talking about here. Josh McDaniels took a blocking tight end in Round 2 last year. He won't think a center is a reach in Round 2.

  • From Mario L.:

    With Joe Haden's 40 time at the combine "hurting" him, if he drops to the Broncos at 11, should they take him? (considering Brandon Marshall is still on the team). Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman were great last year, but the Broncos are going to need a replacement for Champ in the near future.

    --> I can't see the Broncos drafting Joe Haden. They have a lot of money invested in Champ Bailey and Andre' Goodman. They also used the No. 14 pick in this draft on Alphonso Smith (brilliant move, Josh McDaniels), so I doubt they take Haden. Denver should address corner in the Rounds 3-5, but not at No. 11.

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