2012 Fantasy Football Draft: The Four-Man Touchdown-Format Fantasy Mock Draft

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July 4, 2012.

This is a four-man 2012 Fantasy Football Touchdown-Format Mock Draft I participated in on Saturday night. The plan was for Body Burner, Injured Reserve and Man-Eaters to control three teams each in a 12-team mock draft. The four of us used to do four-man PPR mocks, but we're all in an expensive touchdown league ($200 entry with $5 per transaction), so we thought getting some practice would be a good idea.

Here are this year's results with commentary below each round. Also, be sure to check out my other 2012 Fantasy Football articles, which will include rankings, sleepers, busts, cheat sheets and other things. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.


(1) Injured Reserve Team 1 - LeSean McCoy RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Aaron Rodgers QB
(3) Body Burner Team 1 - Ray Rice RB
(4) Man Eaters Team 1 - Arian Foster RB
(5) Body Burner Team 2 - Calvin Johnson WR
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Rob Gronkowski TE
(7) Man Eaters Team 2 - Tom Brady QB
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Chris Johnson RB
(9) Man Eaters Team 3 - Marshawn Lynch RB
(10) Body Burner Team 3 - Drew Brees QB
(11) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Trent Richardson RB
(12) WalterFootball Team 3 - Greg Jennings WR


(1) WalterFootball Team 3 - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(2) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Ryan Mathews RB
(3) Body Burner Team 3 - Michael Turner RB
(4) Man Eaters Team 3 - Cam Newton QB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Hakeem Nicks WR
(6) Man Eaters Team 2 - Jordy Nelson WR
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Matthew Stafford QB
(8) Body Burner Team 2 - Jimmy Graham TE
(9) Man Eaters Team 1 - Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(10) Body Burner Team 1 - Andre Johnson WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(12) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Dez Bryant WR

BACKGROUND: For those of you who have never played in a touchdown league before, it's like a standard league, only the yardage is only worth half as much, so touchdowns are really paramount. Thus, it's important to draft players who score a lot and avoid those who won't sniff the end zone.

I should note that this league starts only two receivers and no flex, so wideouts aren't as valuable.

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: Aaron Rodgers is a beast in touchdown leagues because he scores so much, especially on the ground. The IR and Man-Eaters co-op rode him to a championship last year. I'm more than happy to complement him with Larry Fitzgerald at 2.11; Fitzgerald isn't as valuable in this format, but he's still a steal.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Chris Johnson scored 12 touchdowns in 2010, so hopefully last year was just a fluke. I selected Hakeem Nicks in my previous 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft, and he's even better in this scoring system.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Greg Jennings will have plenty of scoring opportunities from Rodgers. Maurice Jones-Drew, meanwhile, is a hell of a bargain at 2.01 even though I don't like him this year.

BEST PICK: It has to be noted that after IR selected LeSean McCoy, he said, "I peed next to him the other day!" True story. Meanwhile, another top-tier running back, Arian Foster, should not fall out of the top three of a touchdown draft. There were also a number of solid picks in Round 2, including Matthew Stafford, who should have gone about six picks earlier.

WORST PICK: I wouldn't pick Ray Rice over Arian Foster because of the whole holdout thing. I also can't say that I'm a fan of Marshawn Lynch at eighth overall. He was just paid, so he could become lazy.


(1) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Darren McFadden RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Julio Jones WR
(3) Body Burner Team 1 - Matt Forte RB
(4) Man Eaters Team 1 - A.J. Green WR
(5) Body Burner Team 2 - Victor Cruz WR
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Chris Wells RB
(7) Man Eaters Team 2 - Fred Jackson RB
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Miles Austin-Jones WR
(9) Man Eaters Team 3 - Wes Welker WR
(10) Body Burner Team 3 - Darren Sproles RB
(11) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Tony Romo QB
(12) WalterFootball Team 3 - Philip Rivers QB


(1) WalterFootball Team 3 - Adrian Peterson RB
(2) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Antonio Gates TE
(3) Body Burner Team 3 - Roddy White WR
(4) Man Eaters Team 3 - Brandon Marshall WR
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Eli Manning QB
(6) Man Eaters Team 2 - Jeremy Maclin WR
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Brandon Lloyd WR
(8) Body Burner Team 2 - DeMarco Murray RB
(9) Man Eaters Team 1 - Mike Wallace WR
(10) Body Burner Team 1 - Dwayne Bowe WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Jamaal Charles RB
(12) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Eric Decker WR

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: Julio Jones is Matt Ryan's preferred red-zone target. Jamaal Charles doesn't score touchdowns, but he was one of the top players available on my 2012 Fantasy Football Touchdown-Format Cheat Sheet. Running back depth SUCKS this year.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Miles Austin-Jones is a solid WR2, as Tony Romo will give him plenty of scoring opportunities. Eli Manning, meanwhile, will toss tons of touchdowns to Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: I actually wanted Tony Romo, but IR stole him from me. I'm not too upset with Philip Rivers though because he'll definitely have a rebound season. And yes... I took Adrian Peterson. I feel like Round 4 is the right area for him in a non-PPR league, but someone in your league will take him in the second round - guaranteed.

BEST PICK: I'll give IR the nod here for the aforementioned Romo selection. He also had steals with Darren McFadden (3.01) and Antonio Gates (4.02).

Body Burner and Man-Eaters also made nice choices with DeMarco Burray (4.08) and Fred Jackson (3.07), respectively.

WORST PICK: I didn't like two picks in the third round. Chris Wells is too injury-prone to be chosen at 3.06, while Darren Sproles won't have as many scoring chances because the Saints are discombobulated.

In Round 4, I was not a fan of IR taking Eric Decker. He reasoned that if Decker could score eight touchdowns with Tim Tebow, he'd be able to find the end zone more frequently with Peyton Manning, even if the former Colt quarterback is in a wheelchair. That's sound logic, but Decker's eight scores last year were really fluky. Demaryius Thomas will get more end-zone looks.


(1) Injured Reserve Team 1 - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Percy Harvin WR
(3) Body Burner Team 1 - Frank Gore RB
(4) Man Eaters Team 1 - Matt Ryan QB
(5) Body Burner Team 2 - Doug Martin RB
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Denarius Moore WR
(7) Man Eaters Team 2 - DeAngelo Williams RB
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Isaac Redman RB
(9) Man Eaters Team 3 - Steve Smith WR
(10) Body Burner Team 3 - Jermichael Finley TE
(11) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Steve Johnson WR
(12) WalterFootball Team 3 - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR


(1) WalterFootball Team 3 - Michael Bush RB
(2) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Malcom Floyd WR
(3) Body Burner Team 3 - Torrey Smith WR
(4) Man Eaters Team 3 - Jahvid Best RB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Demaryius Thomas WR
(6) Man Eaters Team 2 - Peyton Hillis RB
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Willis McGahee RB
(8) Body Burner Team 2 - QB Dog Killer QB
(9) Man Eaters Team 1 - Vernon Davis TE
(10) Body Burner Team 1 - Matt Schaub QB
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Steven Jackson RB
(12) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Peyton Manning QB

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: I groaned when I took Percy Harvin. He was one of my top players available, but he was also my third receiver and this team didn't have a second running back. Still, I didn't want to reach for anyone, and I didn't want to pass up on a stud like Harvin. I grabbed my RB2 in Round 6. Yeah, Steven Jackson is blegh, but it's Round 6 after all.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: It's looking more and more like Rashard Mendenhall is going to miss half the season, so Isaac Redman could be a nice fifth-round running back option if you want to go quarterback and receiver early. I already mentioned Demaryius Thomas. He's a stud, but it's unknown if Peyton Manning can return to form.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Things have finally seemed to click for Darrius Heyward-Bey. He's not a bad WR2 to pair with Greg Jennings. My other pick, Michael Bush, will get all of the goal-line carries in Chicago.

BEST PICK: Isn't it weird that Frank Gore was available in the fifth round? He's not bad value there, as he will be highly productive on the rare occasions that he's not injured. Another old running back who provided good value was Willis McGahee at 6.07. He might be able to score double-digit touchdowns, though he could also fall off.

WORST PICK: Sorry, Body Burner. Doug Martin probably won't be scoring touchdowns for the Buccaneers. And QB Dog Killer? Boooooo! Don't draft him unless you're cool with your starting quarterback missing 4-6 games. Maybe there are some leagues that reward its owners for that.


(1) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Robert Griffin QB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Jonathan Stewart RB
(3) Body Burner Team 1 - Roy Helu RB
(4) Man Eaters Team 1 - Marques Colston WR
(5) Body Burner Team 2 - Antonio Brown WR
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Mark Ingram RB
(7) Man Eaters Team 2 - Aaron Hernandez TE
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - James Starks RB
(9) Man Eaters Team 3 - Shonn Greene RB
(10) Body Burner Team 3 - Ben Tate RB
(11) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Titus Young WR
(12) WalterFootball Team 3 - Vincent Jackson WR


(1) WalterFootball Team 3 - C.J. Spiller RB
(2) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Toby Gerhart RB
(3) Body Burner Team 3 - Stevan Ridley RB
(4) Man Eaters Team 3 - Ben Roethlisberger QB
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Ryan Williams RB
(6) Man Eaters Team 2 - Santonio Holmes WR
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Fred Davis TE
(8) Body Burner Team 2 - Mikel Leshoure RB
(9) Man Eaters Team 1 - Reggie Bush RB
(10) Body Burner Team 1 - Joe Flacco QB
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Donald Brown RB
(12) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Pierre Garcon WR

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: Two running backs for desperate Team 1. Jonathan Stewart saw way more carries than DeAngelo Williams inside the 5-yard line last year. Donald Brown isn't very good, but he's a starter available at the end of Round 8.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Two running backs for a not-as-desperate Team 2. James Starks will have the job all to himself in Green Bay, while Ryan Williams will have to wait for Chris Wells to get hurt. Fortunately for Williams, that seems to happen quite often.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Only one running back for Team 3. C.J. Spiller looked great at the end of last season, though he'll need Fred Jackson to suffer another injury. As for Vincent Jackson, I don't like him this year because he chased money, but he'll be Josh Freeman's favorite target in the end zone.

BEST PICK: I was jealous of Body Burner for taking Ben Tate at the end of Round 7. A bit earlier, Mark Ingram could end up being a steal for IR. Tody Gerhart and Stevan Ridley were also quality choices in Round 8, as both could be primary goal-line backs depending on what happens in training camp.

WORST PICK: Santonio Holmes happens to be out of shape this year. Combine that with the fact that Tim Tebow will steal a bunch of touchdowns from Mark Sanchez (and Shonn Greee), and Holmes should be completely avoided.

Body Burner was getting tired and restless at the end of Round 8. He chose Joe Flacco over Jay Cutler. Why?


(1) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Kenny Britt WR
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - DeSean Jackson WR
(3) Body Burner Team 1 - Brandon Pettigrew TE
(4) Man Eaters Team 1 - Robert Meachem WR
(5) Body Burner Team 2 - Ryan Fitzpatrick QB
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Sidney Rice WR
(7) Man Eaters Team 2 - Michael Crabtree WR
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Jason Witten TE
(9) Man Eaters Team 3 - Brent Celek TE
(10) Body Burner Team 3 - Jay Cutler QB
(11) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Jake Locker QB
(12) WalterFootball Team 3 - Reggie Wayne, Colts WR


(1) WalterFootball Team 3 - Tony Gonzalez TE
(2) Injured Reserve Team 3 - David Wilson RB
(3) Body Burner Team 3 - Mike Tolbert RB
(4) Man Eaters Team 3 - Jermaine Gresham TE
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Santana Moss WR
(6) Man Eaters Team 2 - Alex Smith QB
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Shane Vereen RB
(8) Body Burner Team 2 - Greg Little WR
(9) Man Eaters Team 1 - Mario Manningham WR
(10) Body Burner Team 1 - Michael Floyd WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Jared Cook TE
(12) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Coby Fleener TE

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: I mentioned this in my previous 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft when I picked DeSean Jackson: I'm not a fan, but he fell to me and provided good value. Maybe he'll revert back to pre-concussion form. Jared Cook was the top tight end available in Round 10.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Jason Witten is not a big touchdown guy, but he's a steal in the middle of the ninth round. Santana Moss is Team 2's No. 4 receiver, and I'm really comfortable with that because he's looked terrific in OTAs.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Reggie Wayne, my fourth receiver at the bottom of the ninth round. Why not? And Tony Gonzalez may be ancient, but he's terrific value atop Round 10.

BEST PICK: Kenny Britt is a nice gamble in Round 9; he can be a high-end WR2 if he overcomes his knee injury. Meanwhile, I was hoping Brandon Pettigrew would fall to me. He'll be a major red-zone target for Matthew Stafford if the Madden Curse smites Calvin Johnson. David Wilson was a good pick as well.

WORST PICK: I don't see the point of drafting Carolina's third running back. Mike Tolbert will get some receptions, but he'll focus on blocking for Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. A quarterback selection that I didn't like was Alex Smith at 10.06. There's just no fantasy upside with him.


(1) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Isaiah Pead RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Pierre Thomas RB
(3) Body Burner Team 1 - Justin Blackmon WR
(4) Man Eaters Team 1 - Josh Freeman QB
(5) Body Burner Team 2 - Austin Collie WR
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Carson Palmer QB
(7) Man Eaters Team 2 - Lance Moore WR
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - Tim Tebow QB
(9) Man Eaters Team 3 - Jacquizz Rodgers RB
(10) Body Burner Team 3 - Anquan Boldin WR
(11) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Rashad Jennings RB
(12) WalterFootball Team 3 - Rashard Mendenhall RB


(1) WalterFootball Team 3 - Jonathan Baldwin WR
(2) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Brian Quick WR
(3) Body Burner Team 3 - Emmanuel Sanders WR
(4) Man Eaters Team 3 - Nate Washington WR
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Daniel Thomas RB
(6) Man Eaters Team 2 - Andre Caldwell WR
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Texans Defense
(8) Body Burner Team 2 - Steelers Defense
(9) Man Eaters Team 1 - Eagles Defense
(10) Body Burner Team 1 - Chiefs Defense
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Andrew Luck QB
(12) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Lions Defense

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: Pierre Thomas scored six touchdowns last year, so he's not a bad RB4, especially if Mark Ingram gets hurt again. Andrew Luck won't play much backing up Aaron Rodgers, but maybe I'll be able to trade him if he lives up to expectations.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: Tim Tebow will get goal-line carries even when he's not the starting quarterback. I highly recommend spending a Round 10-11 selection on him this summer. Meanwhile, Reggie Bush is injury-prone, so Daniel Thomas could see a heavy workload. Thomas isn't very talented though, so I'm not expecting much.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Meh, I'll take a shot with Rashard Mendenhall at the end of Round 11. I'll stash him until he comes back from the PUP list. Jonathan Baldwin has enjoyed a tremendous offseason.

BEST PICK: Lance Moore could turn out to be a solid pick if the Saints' offense doesn't regress. I think it will; Man-Eaters disagreed. Either way, Moore isn't much of a risk in Round 11. Rashad Jennings could be pretty useful if Maurice Jones-Drew suffers from holdout repercussions.

WORST PICK: Austin Collie won't be on Body Burner's team for very long. He was a product of the system. Neither will Emmanuel Sanders, who is just a No. 3 wideout in an offense that will become more run-oriented this offseason.


(1) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Brandon Jacobs RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Sebastian Janikowski K
(3) Body Burner Team 1 - Stephen Gostkowski K
(4) Man Eaters Team 1 - Mason Crosby K
(5) Body Burner Team 2 - Alex Henery K
(6) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Dan Bailey K
(7) Man Eaters Team 2 - David Akers K
(8) WalterFootball Team 2 - James Jones WR
(9) Man Eaters Team 3 - 49ers Defense
(10) Body Burner Team 3 - Rob Bironas K
(11) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Ravens Defense
(12) WalterFootball Team 3 - Matt Bryant K


(1) WalterFootball Team 3 - Cardinals Defense
(2) Injured Reserve Team 3 - Garrett Hartley K
(3) Body Burner Team 3 - Brandon LaFell WR
(4) Man Eaters Team 3 - Neil Rackers K
(5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Vikings Defense
(6) Man Eaters Team 2 - Packers Defense
(7) Injured Reserve Team 2 - Ronnie Hillman RB
(8) Body Burner Team 2 - Mike Williams WR
(9) Man Eaters Team 1 - Greg Olsen TE
(10) Body Burner Team 1 - Randy Moss WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Bears Defense
(12) Injured Reserve Team 1 - Blair Walsh K
(S-5) WalterFootball Team 2 - Robbie Gould K

FINAL TWO ROUNDS: Most fantasy drafts are 16 rounds. This league is 16 rounds as well. But it was midnight at this point, and everyone was losing it. Man-Eaters was playing random music on her phone. Injured Reserve, meanwhile, was harassing people in the NFL Mafia Thread.

As for Body Burner? When he was on the clock, he announced: "I'll take Scott Grambling!"

Who's Scott Grambling, you ask? He's the editor of a fantasy magazine Body Burner brought with him. Body Burner then proceeded to tear the fantasy mag in half for some inexplicable reason. It was at that point that we decided to conclude this mock after 14 rounds.

MY PICKS, TEAM 1: The best fantasy kicker and a strong defense that takes on a rookie quarterback at home in Week 1.

MY PICKS, TEAM 2: James Jones scores touchdowns in Green Bay's offense, though he might be traded. The Vikings will crush Blaine Gabbert at home on Sept. 9. Team 2 needed a supplemental pick at the end of Round 14 to fill its roster, so Robbie Gould was the choice.

MY PICKS, TEAM 3: Matt Bryant kicks in a dome, so that's good. The Cardinals take on the enigmatic Matt Flynn at home to open the season.

BEST PICK: I like IR's thinking with Brandon Jacobs atop Round 13. If Frank Gore goes down, Jacobs will get the goal-line work.

WORST PICK: Mike Williams is a bum. Like Michael Clayton, he's never going to come close to matching his rookie production because he just doesn't care about football.

My Fantasy Team 1:

QB - Aaron Rodgers, Packers
RB - Jamaal Charles, Chiefs
RB - Steven Jackson, Rams
WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
WR - Julio Jones, Falcons
TE - Jared Cook, Titans
K - Sebastian Janikowski, Raiders
DEF - Bears Defense

BN - Percy Harvin, Vikings WR
BN - Donald Brown, Colts RB
BN - DeSean Jackson, Eagles WR
BN - Pierre Thomas, Saints RB
BN - Andrew Luck, Colts QB
BN -
BN -
BN -

My Fantasy Team 2:

QB - Eli Manning, Giants
RB - Chris Johnson, Titans
RB - Isaac Redman, Steelers
WR - Hakeem Nicks, Giants
WR - Miles Austin-Jones, Cowboys
TE - Jason Witten, Cowboys
K - Robbie Gould, Bears
DEF - Vikings Defense

BN - Demaryius Thomas, Broncos WR
BN - James Starks, Packers RB
BN - Ryan Williams, Cardinals RB
BN - Santana Moss, Redskins WR
BN - Tim Tebow, Jets QB
BN - James Jones, Packers WR
BN -
BN -

My Fantasy Team 3:

QB - Philip Rivers, Chargers
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars
RB - Adrian Peterson, Vikings
WR - Greg Jennings, Packers
WR - Darrius Heyward-Bey, Raiders
TE - Tony Gonzalez, Falcons
K - Matt Bryant, Falcons
DEF - Cardinals Defense

BN - Michael Bush, Bears RB
BN - Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers WR
BN - C.J. Spiller, Bills RB
BN - Reggie Wayne, Colts WR
BN - Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers RB
BN - Jonathan Baldwin, Chiefs WR
BN -
BN -

Team 1 is very weak at running back, but happens to be super strong elsewhere. Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald and Julio Jones will carry that team, and I'll hopefully be able to add a running back via the waiver wire.

Team 2 is probably the best one. The running back position is solid, and there aren't any holes elsewhere.

I'm not a fan of Team 3 at all. There are huge question marks at RB2 and WR2, and even my RB1 is iffy.

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Missing Include

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